bed size info

Nov 28th, 1999, 02:17 PM
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bed size info

My husband (a rather large man) and I are planning a trip to Italy in June-July 2000. My concern is the size of beds usually available. We generally get king-size in the States and if king is unavailable we can settle for queen. If you have information on availability of these larger bed sizes in hotels in Rome, Venice and/or Florence please let us know. Thank you!
Nov 28th, 1999, 02:45 PM
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satyin at an American chain; i.e. Sheraton, Marriott, would be your best guarantee as far as bed sizes the type you are familiar with. As I recalled, doubles in Italy are kind of smaller than the doubles on the States, but not remarkably different. Don't know about king size. Also, it would be very important that you call a day or two prior to arrival to confirm your room type reservation.
Nov 28th, 1999, 03:47 PM
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Anything other than twin beds are relatively rare in most European hotels other than fairly new American-style hotels and some suites in top drawer hotels. Note that most 'American-named' hotels are more likely to be much more European in character ... an 'American-name' hotel doesn't guarantee sameness to hotels in America.

Unless you've a lot of patience and perhaps larger than normal pocketbook it may be better to plan on twin bed sleeping accommodations.
Nov 28th, 1999, 06:12 PM
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Unless you want to take the chance on sleepless nights opt for rooms with "twin-beds" -, i.e. 2 beds. Don't ask for a double, you will get a standard double bed and that's a relatively small sized bed in most of Europe, if you are used to a king size (as we are) you will be very uncomfortable. Generally speaking the majority of European hotels, no matter what the country, do not have king-size beds, or even queen. It's "double" or twin. We always go for the twin (you can always shove them together too - not a perfect king, but as close as you will get in most places!). As someone pointed out, just because the hotel may have an "American chain affiliation" don't expect it to be the same as you would find here bedding wise.
Nov 28th, 1999, 10:24 PM
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Usual bed size in Europe is 2m length and 1.60m width for the double bed ; 2m length and 0.90m width for the single. Last year in London we even had a "double" of 1.40m width.
I think 1m = 39.37 inches???
Nov 29th, 1999, 12:05 AM
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I have stayed at a Marriott in Munich and at the Sheraton in Rome and found their bed sizes pretty close to the american style beds. Then again, whenever on the road, we opt for twin beds if not sure.
Nov 29th, 1999, 04:18 AM
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Leslie: My husband and I had the same bed-size concerns because we're both large. We booked hotels with a travel agent, and he said he requested "matrimonial" beds. We were very happy with all the hotels, which were 3 and 4 star. Here's what we got:
Stresa: Hotel des Iles Boromees - king
Venice: Bisanzio - queen
Florence: Hotel de la Ville - queen
Gaiole: Castello di Spaltenna - king
Rome: Mecenate Palace - queen
Have a wonderful time, how I envy you! We started saving the minute we got back so we could go again.
Nov 30th, 1999, 09:50 AM
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Leslie--we were very worried about our bed situation after reading all the warnings on this forum. However, all the beds in the hotels we stayed in were king sized. They may have been twins put together, I didn't check. Our children (in separate room) had a king bed made up separately into twins in one hotel and two double beds in another.
Dec 1st, 1999, 08:36 AM
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Leslie - the bed size you are after is called in Italian a "matrimoniale". It is between an American queen- & king- sized bed.

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