Bateau Bus vs. Seine Cruise

Jul 2nd, 2000, 04:03 AM
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Bateau Bus vs. Seine Cruise

Can someone provide ups and downs of the Bateau Bus vs. a regular cruise on the seine? In Paris for 4 days in August with family (sons ages 8 and 12). Staying in St. Germain, very close to Seine. Thinking of getting a Bateau Bus pass and using instead of Metro for some getting around. Also considering buying a 'l'open tour bus' pass and using the same way. Thoughts?
Jul 2nd, 2000, 09:26 PM
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A Seine River cruise goes east of the Ile St Louis, and (depending upon which company you choose) as far west as the Statue of Liberty, with commentary (in the cse of the Vedettes, it is a guide). The Batobus (Bateau Bus) goes as far east as the Hotel de Ville, and as far west as the Eiffel Tower, with a total of six stops and no commentary. Think of it as a bus with a limited route.

L'Open Tour bus is a good way to take a guided tour of the city without the guided tour; it is expensive for 'transportation'.

For the price of one metro/bus ticket, you can take the Balabus, which makes a grand circuit around the city, but once you get off, you have to use another ticket to get on (if you've bought a pass of any sort, this is a non-issue).
Jul 3rd, 2000, 06:09 AM
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Just returned from two weeks in Paris. We bought a batobus one day pass so we could get some great pictures from the Seine. It is the most affordable boat transportation, but not as fast as the metro. The metro is convenient and easier than the New York subway system, so don't be intimidated by using it. We found that when we needed assistance people were willing to help. Also, you can purchase metro and museum passes according to how many days you want to use them. If your boys are interested in history, the conciergerie is quite interesting. Some museums are closed either on Monday or Tuesday, so keep that in mind as you plan your days for using the museum pass. Two restaurants to try: Helices&Delices 8 Rue Thenard(off of Rue Des Ecoles) is owned by a delightful lady and it is casual and affordable. Also, Le Coupe Chou 11Rue de Lanneau(off of Rue des Ecoles)is excellant. Coupe Chou gets a little crowded so, you may want to reserve.
The Michelin Paris guide was very helpful as well as a little pocket guide called Tripbuilder I found at Barnes and Noble. Have a wonderful trip.
Jul 5th, 2000, 10:54 AM
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We took both the Batobus and L'Opentour bus while in Paris in May. The Batobus is slow and I probably wouldn't consider it an alternative to the metro. It has only about 6 stops I believe. The L'Opentour bus was great in that you could get on and off for one price all day (or two days if you buy that ticket). It goes to places that tourists like to visit that may be farther from the main tourist area, like Montmarte. It has a lot more stops. Plus you see the buildings and neighborhoods as you go by.
Jul 9th, 2000, 12:11 AM
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We bought the L'Open tour bus pass for two days, which cost little more than the one-day pass. We considered it somewhat expensive but thought of it as a way of seeing the city and also resting between visits to art galleries. There was one circle of its various "tours" that we never did go on, the "tour" up to Momtmartre that we went on only once, and other sections that we went on (or just part of the section) so many times we got almost tired of the same scenes (well, not really). The wait for the next bus to come was quite slow sometimes. Being on the open upper level was fun, but quite hot when the sun was out (most of the time). All in all, we were glad we bought the tickets.

We looked at the Bateau Bus and the river tours and decided not to take either. They also seemed expensive, and we had ridden buses and walked so much along and across the river that we didn't think we needed any more river views.

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