Base in Rhine or Mosel?

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Base in Rhine or Mosel?

So I have a long weekend in early October ( 3 days) in the region (coming from Hamburg and returning there). Planning on taking trains and the cruise from Bingen to Boppard. But mostly biking/hiking/sightseeing around the region, to get a flavour of the place rather than tick boxes...

Having read several itineraries, I am still a little unsure of the distances and times? Is it worth basing only in Cochem for instance, and doing day trips? Or Should I choose a smaller Rhine village like Koblenz or St Goar?

Would love to hear about your trips and any ideas on making my bday weekend a fun one!
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Koblenz is not a village, it a serious urban area with gay bar and everything.

I'd stay in a smaller village. Cochem is fine but then so are say Traben Trabarch etc
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Biking is best IME on the Mosel - one ride that could involve hiking too is to bike downstream from Cochem, a great base for Mosel, to Moselkern - then trek on footpaths up thru forests to Burg Eltz, one of Germany's most famous castles. Or bike upstream to Beilstein or Trarben-Trarbach areas - well can't go wrong.

Cochem can be a good base for the Rhine too if just wanting to do the K-D boat trip you mention.

But to many the Mosel is the more scenic of the two- especially for biking IME (ran bike trips up the Mosel for a decade - everyone loved the Mosel - bike paths along the river the whole way.)

Anyway some good sources for the area and public transportation (Germany section of online European Planning & Rail Guide has good info on Mosel-Rhine); and
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The best biking indeed is on the Mosel. The Rhine bike path is sullied by proximity to a busy road and the railway.
The Mosel is more often like this:

Best hiking is probably on the Rhine. Try the Rhine Castle trail (Rheinburgenweg) or the Rheinsteig (on the opposite river bank.)

Koblenz was a good thought... but it was 90% destroyed in WW II and now mostly covered with modern buildings. It is a well-located train hub for outings to both rivers - but bedding down near the station means a lot of time in a mostly dull, un-inspiring location.

To fine a scenic, small-wine-town base for both rivers, look NEAR Koblenz. Two Rhine towns work well - Braubach, which is 10 minutes from Koblenz and the home of the Rhine's very best castle tour - Marksburg.

The other is Boppard, about 15 minutes from Koblenz. Boppard is more convenient to the west bank wine towns of Bacharach, Oberwesel and St. Goar.

Boppard waterfront:

Boppard's main square:

PalenQ's transport links are helpful for long-distance travel in Germany but not much help for transportation information in the immediate area. Look into cheap day tickets, 3-day tickets, and mini-group tickets (if you have companions) on the following page:

The above tickets cover travel along the Oberwesel-Koblenz-Bullay segments - see light green VRM zone:

The Rheinland-Pfalz ticket will cover travel in a much larger area:
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I think with so little time and wanting to do Rhine boats (great!) a Rhine base may be nicer with a day on the Mosel.

If into strenous biking you can bike from St Goar (I think could be some other Rhine town - I've done it many times but long ago) up over the hills to the Mosel to Cochem - returning to Rhine base by train.

Fuss - great depoistory of current info on area - do you know if DB - German Railways still let your rent at one station - and return bike at other DB stations? Would be idea for the Mosel where winds often blow down that often wind tunnel - take train from Cochem upstream say to Traben-Trabach rent bike at station there and bike back to Cochem -over a very scenic stretch of Mosel. Or on Rhine rent in Bingen station and ride to Koblenz, etc.
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PQ: You're discussing the old "Fahrrad am Bahnhof" scheme which is no longer an option AFAIK. DB now supports bicyclists with "Call a bike" in major cities, and of course you can transport bicycles on most local trains, but that's it AFAIK.

I have used the train to Bullay (10 min. from Cochem) and biked upstream from town to town along the river from there. Beautiful.

In Bullay the Büdinger Guest House rents bikes.

Here's a list of rental shops in towns all along the Mosel.

Alf is right across the river from Bullay. Cross by ferry and you can pick up a bike there as well, from the looks of it.

Also, many small innkeepers have bikes on hand that you can rent or use free of charge.
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and of course you can transport bicycles on most local trains>

free or need a bike ticket?

And thanks for taking time to answer my previous questions and then give so many resources for others wanting to experience the Mosel by bike!

Even a short hop along the river on a bike from your guesthouse or hotel would be an experience for many.

In summer I believe you can take bikes on the Cochem-Beilstien boats and then ride with the wind (usually) back to Cochem.
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I loved my 2 week stay in Bacharach several years ago. Found St.Goat TOO small!
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Wow. That is a *ton* of information! Really appreciate it! Biking looks so much fun...

Also helps to have the photos too!

I'm liking PQs suggestion. Base in Boppard and do a day trip to Mosel (or maybe one night in Cochem) . The public transport looks like it should be enough to get me around.

Another quick one - if I'm coming from Hamburg, what's my best bet at entering the Rhineland? Closest place for me to get a fast service to?

Thanks in advance!
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If you are coming from Hamburg, let the DB system route you properly for the fastest approach.

From: Hamburg Hbf
To: Boppard Hbf

Click on "show details" to display stations, arrival and departure times, and platforms for any changes of train you must make.

There are many ways to book in Boppard (which I think I suggested) but the most complete set of options is probably at the Boppard tourist office pages, where you'll find lists as well as onlin-booking options. I've stayed there on different occasions. Be cautious that you book within walking distance - the town is small and you can walk from most in-town hotels very easily, but some "Boppard" rooms are located in little suburbs well outside of town (these are usually hyphenated as in "Boppard-Weiler.")

Boppard has a nice chairlift - use it to enjoy a view and a brew (or whatever) at Gedeonseck Terrace, a short walk from the top:
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Base in Boppard and do a day trip to Mosel (or maybe one night in Cochem)>

moving and packing, etc for one night somewhere takes some folk about half a day! I'd base in either Boppard (fuss' suggestion which I echo for the Rhine) or Cochem- me I'm always partial to the Mosel which as a scenic backdrop is IMO much more comely than the comely Rhine (a busy working river with a major highway and rail line on the west side and secondary roads and rail line on east side - lots of noise and activity - which I rather like vs the languid Mosel with an occasional barge and right opposite Cochem vineyard-clad slopes- much more tranquil IMO.

If Boppard be sure your hotel room is not subject rail or road noise as some are.
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Thanks for the detailed links Fuss! Will keep in mind.

You're making me lean towards Cochem PQ!

Thanks both again - you're stars!
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You're making me lean towards Cochem PQ!>

What's not to love about Cochem's surrealistically awesome setting:

That said a Rhine base may be more utilitarian if doing Rhine boats and Rhine hiking -biking go for Cochem and Mosel.
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