Dec 21st, 1999, 08:08 PM
Martin Hafer
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Has anyone been to Bamburg? I have a choice of going there, Wurzburg or stopping at some of the less visited cities along the Romantic Road [been to Rothenburg before]. Any ideas?
Dec 21st, 1999, 08:13 PM
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You will love Bamberg. Totally escaped damage during World War II. Be sure to try the specialty of Bamberg, a smoked beer called "rauchbier" -- sold no place else because "it does not travel well."
Great small town for wandering around. Very interesting cathedral up on the heights overlooking the Pegnitz River.
Take an excursion to Bayreuth and see Wagner's home and the festspielhaus and oldest opera house in the world. Check the Michelin Green Guide to Germany for other day trips ideas.
Dec 22nd, 1999, 06:50 AM
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Martin, I'd hate to suggest you skip Wurzburg because it has a special place in my heart (friends who were born there so it was my first German town to visit). However, Bamberg will give you a decidedly medieval experience that Wurzberg won't. As we always say on this forum, it depends what you want, what your priorities are.

As Al noted, Bamberg wasn't bombed in WWII -- Wurzburg was but you couldn't tell it because it's been so beautifully rebuilt. Moreover, during the devastating Thirty Years War in the 1600s, that destroyed so much of German areas, Bamberg was untouched too. I have read that that cannot be said for any other German town, surviving those two devastations. Hence, a few guidebooks call it the best kept secret and loveliest town in Germany. I know you will enjoy it. Neither place is a laden with touristy places as is Rothenburg, by far. Important question: how much time will you have for this choice of seeing one German town?
Dec 22nd, 1999, 07:28 AM
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A third vote for Bamburg. We had never heard of the city until we drove into it. We loved it. Keep in mind -- there may be good reasons for the less visted cities on the RR to be "less visted."
Dec 22nd, 1999, 03:12 PM
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Thanks fpr the fast replies. unfortunately, I'll only have a couple days in this region (one on my own while my wife is at a business meeting and one with her). She wants to spend our day together at Rothenburg [my feelings--"been there, done that"]. I am hoping to find a town (such as Bamburg, Dinkelsbuhl, Nordlingen, etc.) with a lot of stuff to see in a day which I can sell her on instead of Rothenburg. We've seen Wurzburg together before but only had half a day and only got to see the Residenz (the chapel was closed due to back-to-back-to-back weddings) and I still wanted to see the fortress. However, after these replies saying to try Bamburg, I'm strongly leaning that way.
By the way, I've had three different Rauchbiers in bottles and was not too impressed. Maybe it will be a different exprience on tap.

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