Lisbon or Barcelona, or

Dec 20th, 1999, 06:44 PM
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Lisbon or Barcelona, or

My husband and I are planning a spring trip (April 2000) to Europe, but can't decide where. I narrowed down to three choices: 1) Lisbon, 2) Barcelona, or 3) Tuscany,Italy.

Which city would you choose given that:

a)we have 10 to 14 days in total.
b)we will stay two nights in Amsterdam, in addition to the city of the choice (KLM frequent flyer miles--we previously spent a half day and want to explore more).
c)we visited Spain a year ago and just loved it. We missed Barcelona last time, so...
d) I visited many cities in Italy more than 15 years ago and love to go back. But with the Year 2000 celebration, I'd rather avoid the crowd and high prices.
e) Never been to Lisbon and very curious.

What would you do? And, in addition to Lisbon or Barcelona, what other cities or villages can you go in a relatively short period? Thanks for your input.
Dec 20th, 1999, 07:26 PM
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I tend to think of where can you get to with a minimum of time and expense. I think you can go to Barcelona and Italy both. Make Barcelona your outbound destination with a stopover in Amsterdam, and (anywhere you want to finish in) Italy your open jaw return gateway city.

Since you asked about day trips out of Barcelona, consider heading north (I think slightly NNW) to a little town called Seu d'Urgell in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Whenever you're ready to leave Barcelona, fly from Barcelona to Rome on Virgin Express - - - - dirt cheap.

If Rome is not your cup of tea, (and yes, it will be crowded and high-priced in April), you can be out of there in just a few hours either by car or train. Consider Assisi on your way north (although it too will have Jubilee overload in April).

From Umbria north, you have SO many options, not only in places to see and stay, but also there are numerous airports which can connect back to KLM/NW to get you home. The key will be to get on the horn immediately to get the necessary seats with your FF miles (I assume you're spending - - or are you collecting?)

It's a great trio of destinations, Amsterdam, Barcelona and wherever you choose in Italy.

Have a great trip!

Best wishes,


P.S. No offense to Lisbon - - I'll recommend you go there in connection with southwestern France NEXT year! How about letting me put together a group tour for you to do that? (wink))

Dec 21st, 1999, 07:31 PM
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Since you loved Spain (as I do), I would definately include Barcelona. I loved Barcelona. Was in Europe last year for 6 months, and it was my second favorite place! never been to Italy, so can't comment on that. I didn't like Lisboa, but you could always hop a train over there. (you can check out train schedules on these 2 websites: and (Port. and Spain's train's)
Dec 22nd, 1999, 02:30 PM
Cheryl Z.
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I'd suggest Spain and Portugal since you're concerned (and rightly so) about high prices and crowds in Italy next year. We loved Lisbon, and I would have liked more time there. Have not been to Barcelona tho. Spend some time on the Estoril Coast. These are two very inexpensive countries too.
Dec 22nd, 1999, 06:54 PM
Betty Ann
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My vote goes to Portugal. Lisbon is wonderful and the smaller towns and countryside are great experiences. Good food, friendly people, low prices, what more could you ask for? Enjoy!

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