Bacharach, German

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Ellen Harris
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Bacharach, German

We are vacationing 2 weeks in Switzerland and Germany May/June this year. We are arranging all ourselves, but cannot decide on a hotel in Bacharach (2 nights only). Tried Hotel Kranenturm, but it is filled. Now trying to decide between Hotel Malerwinkel and Rhine Hotel. I would appreciate any suggestions.
Thank you!
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My husband & I will be in Germany the same time. In fact, we tried to get into the Kranenturm & we were told they were full also, I think there is a wine festival that week, but we did get a room at the Hotel Malerwinkel. Have you seen their web site?

In 1999 I stayed at the Kranenturm & it was a nice place, we had a tower room. This will be our first stay at Hotel Malerwinkel.

Maybe we will see you there!
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You'll probably sleep better elsewhere anyway, since the Kranenturm sits inches from the train tracks on a route that's abuzz all night.

I'm sorry - I don't have a hotel recommendation for you - just a quick note on something you might enjoy in the area during your stay. From June 2-4, there's a medieval marketplace and tournament of knights that's being held at Rheinfels Castle ruins in St. Goar, just a bit north of Bacharach. Also, on June 10, just southwest of Koblenz along the Mosel River between the towns of Cochem and Schweich, the entire road will be shut down as thousands of bike riders of all ages descend upon the area for a leisurely "car-free" Sunday tour of the wine towns there. Reserve a bike if you want to take part, but don't plan on driving that route on that day!!
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Ellen, I also considered the same hotels as you did in addition to the Hotel Weller in Boppard. It finally came down to the choice between the Rhine Hotel in Bacharach and the Weller and we went with the Rhine as we liked the central location of Bacharach. I am also curious what take other readers have on the hotel. We will be there July/Aug. Also crossed out the Kranenturm for reasons mentioned above, the noise from the trains.

Regards, Alice
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In defense of the Hotel Kranenturm ~ I have stayed there, for 3 nights & slept (yes slept) in a tower room directly above the train tracks WITH the windows open! I do admit that I did wake up once or twice due to the trains but I went right back to sleep.

My sister, who has problems sleeping, used her ear plugs (they come with the room!!) and never woke until I woke her up in the morning ~ after I used the bathroom first!!!

The Kranenturm is a very nice hotel. Our room overlooked the Rhine and was very nice. The dock for the Rhine cruise is right across the street from the hotel. It was my first choice when I was planning this trip but they were booked. Fatima (the owners wife) is very proud that she has learned to make scrambled eggs for the tourists. This year I was going to take her a box of grits so she could make the southern (American) tourists happier still!

The one time the train did bother us was while we wereeating on the terrace ~ a fast train came by & blew the umbrella over. That was the worst of the train problems though. The fact that my fish ~ very tasty fish ~ came with his head still attached bothered me more though.
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Pension Lette just west of Kranenturn is very good place to stay. Nice B&B type place run by nice lady. Bacharach is very nice town and has several really good and friendly wine bars to enjoy. Kranenturn, even if you are not staying there, has a very good restuarant with decent priced meals and very good food.
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While we are on the subject of Bacharach: Does anyone know the story of the shell of a building, just above the center of town. I believe it is the Werner Chappelle and all that is left are the walls. It is illuminated at night, and makes for an interesting sight. By the way: while in Bacharach, a nice hike and view before or after breakfast is the hike up to Burg Stahlek. hike the paths up, and take the stairs down.

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