ATM Cards in Italy

Old Jun 6th, 2000, 05:43 AM
B Whyte
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ATM Cards in Italy

What type of bank cards are accepted in Italy? I know Visa is, but on what system? The back of my bank cards say Plus, Honor and Interlink. Will these work?
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My card is identical to yours. I stopped at an ATM 3 times while in Italy. All three accepted my card just fine.
Old Jun 6th, 2000, 05:53 AM
Brian in Atlanta
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I used my Plus system card in Florence last year with no problems. Don't rely on only one source though. Know your PIN for your Visa card just in case your ATM card doesn't work.
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Since I didn't want to use my VISA for cash advance - interest charges on top of the fees - we used my daughter's bank card (Bank One). Or at least we tried to. It worked at Bancomats in Milan and Venice with no problem, and at one Bancomat in Florence. After that it wouldn't work for the rest of the trip. We even called the bank to ask what was wrong - there was plenty of money in the account, and no one with Bank One could tell us what the problem was. I had carried some cash and a few traveler's checks just for extras, and I was sure glad I did. All the hotels, most restaurants, and most stores took my VISA card.
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B Whyte
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Having now chatted with a variety of people, the tips are: 1. ATMs work fine and they are all over the major cities.
2. Bank ATM cards are cheaper to use than VISA cards. 3. Watch for the pickpockets and make sure to use money belts and spread your money between you. 4. Make copies of your cards (both sides) before you go in case of loss -- AMEX is very good on replacements. 5. Remember that on weekends, EVERYONE hits the money machines and they frequently run out of cash, so don't get down to your last lira...but enjoy because the $ is way up!
Old Jun 8th, 2000, 10:33 AM
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Please make sure you have more than
one bank card for your account, my
husband's card was gobbled up in the atm
machine - said he tried the pin # too many times (he didn't) and the card expired (which it didn't). But my card
worked fine. So be prepared for any
situations. Also you do not get a choice
on which account to draw from - so make
sure you have sufficient funds in all accounts.

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