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Old Sep 20th, 2000, 05:05 PM
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I am going to Paris the first week of March 2001. 30th wedding anniversary. Another couple is coming along. We want to rent an apartment. Would like to be near museums, etc. Has anyone done this? Were you happy with it? What recommendations can you make? Know of any good rental agencies? Any advice, opinions or information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
Old Sep 21st, 2000, 05:36 AM
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Try is a list of appt. rentals
Old Sep 21st, 2000, 10:53 AM
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I have done this for a long stay but I personally wouldn't recommend this to the average tourist for a stay of that short a duration. It is too risky IMO (you must pay about half the full amt several months in advance and the entire amt upon arrival or sometimes before, before you've even seen it; if you are dissatisfied, it will be a much greater financial risk than a hotel where you can at least leave; be sure to get travel insurance if you do this, although that won't prevent you having to pay for something you dislike) and too expensive, and may be less nice than a hotel for the same price. Unless you want to be very close to these friends, you will need to pay quite a bit for a large apartment--for a short stay, I would presume you are going to be out on the town anyway and not holed up in your accommodations. I was happy with mine but it was completely different circumstances and I knew what to expect vs. a hotel and I had a good reason for wanting an apt (I was going to school there for a while, not just visiting). If you think this is for you, however, a good overall resource of agencies with comments, etc. is on If money is no object (I just sort of assume people don't want to spend $250 up per night for this, but obviously some people do), you might look at, they have a couple dozen in popular tourist areas and are used to dealing with American tourists so can be easier to deal with perhaps than French firms--they have a very large one bedrm apt that sleeps four near Notre Dame for $325 or so a night, I believe, as well as smaller apts for $200-300 a night. That is for one-bedrms, which means one couple would get a bedroom and the other a pullout sofa bed, I believe. The have some two bedrms for $300-500 a night, I think --well, you can look for yourself on their web site, at least they have photos. Anyway, that is why I don't recommend this option to the average tourist staying a short time, I don't think it's worth it and it may be less comfortable than a hotel for the same price (I dislike sofabeds for example). If you plan on seeing Paris rather than staying in, a nice 3-star hotel with a minibar would probably do just as well or better in comfort, amendities and price and you might have more privacy that way. Chez Vous, for example, is pretty expensive and I think you have to pay the entire amount in full a min. of two months ahead of time and they give no refunds if you change your mind; they also have the nerve to charge $25 extra per person for the sheets and a $100 "cleaning fee" (which isn't daily, only when you leave). Hotels manage to include all that in the room rate somehow. Well, I would never pay those kind of extortionate fees myself, but I've seen a couple posts from folks who rented from them and liked it. I think it really depends on your tastes, expectations, and reasons for doing this as to how satisfied you are; of course the apt. you get is the biggest factor, but it sounds like you don't know Paris very well, so that's another reason I wouldn't recommend it as I don't see much advantage to it. I myself like to eat out in the great cafes and restaurants when I'm in Paris for vacation, so prefer a hotel for short visits. Maybe you should state your budget and reasons you want to do this to get some more specific advice.
Old Sep 22nd, 2000, 10:56 AM
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stayed in apts run by Chezvous; Great!
Fairly pricey though. You have to wash your own sheets & towels, make your beds. Up side, more space, feel like a local, kitchen avail. along w/fridge.
paris-sleeps is also good but smaller apts. A nice hotel near D'Orsay & Rodin that has a good rep. is the Libertel Bellchausee (sp?). Regency also had nice apts. & seemed good; Parker, too.
Old Sep 25th, 2000, 01:41 PM
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We have just rented two lovely looking, one bedroom apartments near the Eiffel Tower that I found on the internet at for our visit in September 2001. Wanted to go the end of the month but they were already booked! Virginia, an American, has a wonderful straight forward website with photos of every room in each apartment which are located across the hall from each other. For stays of 6 nights or more they are $100 a night each! We want to have the flexibility of visiting the local boulangerie or the markets on Rue Cler to have some of our meals in - especially breakfast. We have rented an apartment in Paris before but had the situation of 4 people in a one bedroom apartment which wasn't great since Parisian apartments are typically small to begin with. Check it out.
Old Sep 25th, 2000, 02:33 PM
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Try Reasonably priced apartments Picutres & video on web site
Old Sep 30th, 2000, 06:24 AM
Randall Smith
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Chere Barbara,

My wife and I just returned last night from Paris. We were putting the finishing touches on our apartment that we purchased in June, which took us 4 months to remodel. It is in the Latin Quarter, and has two bedrooms, two full baths, living room, dining room and kitchen. We also bought a small Citroen Saxo and have someone who can pick you up from the airport if you desire, however this is not included in the apartment rental. If you are interested you may visit my website at . I will attempt to update the pictures this week, the current ones were before remodeling.

The web site is dedicated to home stays abroad and I have maps,links, message board, guest book etc.

Apartment stays and home stays in France are definitely the best way to go, especially if you have been to Paris previously and want to really get the feel of the City. You will have a wonderful time. If you want you may email me privately.

Bonne Chance,

Randall Smith
Old Sep 30th, 2000, 07:21 PM
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For May 1999, we booked a "bed and breakfast" in Paris via a B&B outfit in California. Big mistake! It was someone's apartment in the Marais district. We could not believe how wretched and filthy the place was; e.g., there was a curdled half-drunk cup of coffee on the kitchen counter. The bathroom facilities came from the third world. Since we had already paid our money, we had no choice but put up with it. During our stay, we came across several 2 star hotels that were cleaner, cheaper, and had more amenities than "la dump". You are much better off staying at a 2 to 3 star hotel. Just watch out for the dog shit on the sidewalk and pungent cigarette smoke in public places. Their hygiene habits leave much to be desired; perhaps that's why they invented perfume!
Old Jan 10th, 2001, 12:34 PM
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I highly recommend staying in an apartment versus hotel ANYTIME you can as long as it makes sense financially. Paris is a great place to do this. I rented an apartment two years ago through New York Habitat, a company based here in the states (can be important). You can find them at There are too many websites for apartment rental to count but you can find a great many just by searching on the web using "vacation rental in Paris." Also, I have the e-mail address of the guy who manages/owns the apartment I stayed in, which was located about 2 blocks from the Palais Royal and 2 blocks from the Metro. Please contact me if you want his e-mail address. Hope you have a wonderful trip.
Old Jan 10th, 2001, 04:28 PM
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Chez Vous is pricey because their commission is. Locaflat, based in Paris, is more in the 2-3*range. I personally like, which has a lot of choice, more around 3* but also some really nice ones (it's worth checking them all!). Another company often mentioned here for Italy is they have a small but beautiful selection of apartments, especially those on the Ile Saint-Louis.

I agree with a previous post that 2BR+ apartments are pricier because lee common than the studios and 1BR but it is an unparallelled experience and you wouldn't have the smae amount of space/comfort for equivalent price in a Paris hotel.

With regard to the best areas for museums and sights, I would recommend that you focus on the 5th (Quartier Latin), the 4th (Marais, Ile de la Cite and Ile Saint-Louis) and the 6th (Saint-Germain): you'll be able to walk almost everywhere from there and will enjoy the true Paris charm.
Old Jan 31st, 2001, 11:38 AM
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To the top.
Old Jan 31st, 2001, 01:09 PM
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I have only used locaflat, but there are many others to choose from...I subscribe to FUSAC (FRANCE USA CONTACTS) and there are many local apt.s for rent as well as VERY nice apt. rental agencies. The first time can be daunting, but then you get the hang of it and appreciate shopping and making your own coffee instead of getting dressed to go to the dining room or wait on room service. There are priorities! N'est-ce pas?

Especially nice is:!


Bonne chance!

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