Anyone know the area Montmartre?

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Anyone know the area Montmartre?

I am planning an one-week vacation to paris this August and find an advertisement of an one-bed room apartment (furnished) at Montmartre for $640/week. The place is close to Metro Abbesses.

I have never been to paris before. Anyone knows whether it is a safe neighborhood?


wei li
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Montmartre is a hilly area in northeast Paris, fairly far away from the main sites. Sacré Coeur is there, as well as the Place du Tertre (famous for its street artists), and lots of restaurants, cafés, and shops. While parts of Montrmartre are not the safest areas in Paris, on the whole it is not unsafe. If I were going to Paris for the first time, however, I think I would want to be in a more central location.
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That price is great for Paris. As for location, Montmartre has a certain ambience which is unique, day or night. The Place du Tertre will be a very busy place in August. Though it might seem a bit out of the way, if you are close to Metro Abesses, it is quite easy to get anywhere.
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The reason it is cheap is because it's in Montmartre, it's a pretty typical price from what I've seen for that area. Hotels and vacation apts are cheaper there because it is more out-of-the-way and you'll spend more time and energy on your travels to tourist sites. If that doesn't bother you, I'd say it is safe enough, espec. in that area; decent one bedrm apts may be about 50-100 pct more expensive in the Latin Qtr/St Germain, etc., if they are moderately nice.
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Personally, I like the area (during the day). A little off the beaten tourist path re hotels & restaurants, but a very vibrant part of the real living Paris: very ethnic (africa, middle east), working class in parts, close to everything via the Metro. A bit suspect at night,perhaps, for a young female, as it is close to a "red light" area.

Unless cost is the primary criteria, I'd recommend you stay closer to the Seine. There are many great two-three star hotels in Paris. In August, the hotels in 14th arr (Montparnass, usually frequented by business travellers) are usually discounted. Also, the are around Republique is becoming quite trendy and is still relatively cheap. Check the following web-site for hotels:

Also, if you want an apartment, you may want to try the following (if you have not already) - basic, but interesting locations:

Enjoy you first visit to Paris - the first of many, I am sure.

Regards ... Ger
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Actually my husband and I stayed in Montmatre, right next to the Abbessess metro stop actually, on our first trip together to Paris. Our hotel had a sweeping view of the entire city for under $80.00 per night (in 1997)actually this neighborhood is one of my very favorite in Paris.
But it is a long metro ride to get the the major sights. Having said that, if you have a week, I would go for it. This is a very special neighborhood. Oh, and in terms of the red light district, the Pigalle which is several blocks down the street, honestly we didn't have any problems, you can pretty much avoid it all together if you take the metro back and forth.
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Montmartre IMHO is not the place for a first time visitor to Paris!! The 6th or 7th arrond. is where I would be for my first visit.
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Dr. Betty
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Wei Li,
I say go for it! We stayed there last spring, me, my husband and 2 teenagers and it was a wonderful neighborhood. There is only one area that's a little seedy, as Thyra mentioned, near the Pigalle metro but we never felt in danger. In fact, the French are very matter of fact with prostitution. It's another form of expression, another way of life in a city that is teaming and tolerant of life and culture. Seeing a transvestite on the sidewalk, is hardly a matter of concern. Professional business people, families, tourists, prostitutes and wealthy patrons pass eachother effortlessly in Montmartre.

We stayed on the Rue de Victor Masse, across the street from where Vincent had had his apartment. Beautiful white apartment buildings with wrought iron balconies and a profusion of cascading flowers from window boxes. You will have a sense of neighborhood and will soon discover where the locals go to hang out and where the tourists migrate to. Our favorite restaurant experience was at La famille at 41 rue des Trois Frère near the Abbesses metro stop. Here you will find a friendly atmosphere (total capacity is about 15 people), oriental tapas and turkish after dinner smokes from a hookah. The metro will get you anywhere you want to go in a matter of minutes. Perhaps it is not the neighborhood that would typically be recommended by Americans, but perhaps that is why we liked it all the better.

Enjoy the Journey!
Dr. B

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