Anyone ever been to Minsk, Belarus?

Nov 28th, 2011, 03:52 AM
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to sibfah
I could suggest you with these ones:

Local transportation:
public transport (one way - 0,2 USD)
taxi (average rate 3-4USD) maximal rate whithin Minsk city - is 6USD per. NOTE!!! There is no taxi services in a small local cities. Public transportation only.

Restaurants: 10-15 USD per person. Dinner (without alc.)

Clubs etc. 10 USD of entrance fee. Drinks and stuff - usually about 50 - 70 USD depends on club.

Have a good time.
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Mar 14th, 2012, 01:51 AM
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to sidfah..all the hotels in Minsk are not cheap..I can't find any with price for the night starting from 30$ per night. low cost accommodation in Minsk is only apartment rentals..try this They can find accommodation in Minsk just for your needs
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Apr 21st, 2014, 06:47 PM
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I will be going to Belarus for 6 days this summer. I will spend 3 days in Brest with a private guide already arranged for those days. I then go to Minsk for 3 days. The main point of the trip is to see the villages from which my maternal grandmother's family came. Those are near Brest & Kobrin in SW Belarus.

I am then going to Minsk because there is an airport there from which I can go to my next destination (Istanbul). I am also going because it is convenient to go while I am nearby and because I am unlikely to ever go there again. The thing that got the Belarus leg of my summer trip going is that I have a home exchange in Warsaw. I thought that, if I am ever going to see those villages, I had better go now. It was very difficult to get the exchange in Warsaw, so chances of being so close to Belarus again are unlikely.

I am not expecting Paris, but I am expecting to have a meaningful experience. I am involved in genealogy and know quite a bit of the history. When you travel in Eastern Europe, you expect Eastern European food--not French food.
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Apr 12th, 2015, 10:42 AM
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My blog on Minsk and Belarus can be found on my website:
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Apr 13th, 2015, 06:32 PM
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Off to read Lauren's blog
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Apr 13th, 2015, 06:49 PM
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Interesting. It seems, not much has changed.
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Aug 31st, 2015, 05:50 AM
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I was also in Belarus. There I met a girl. After this acquaintance has no sights not remember. She stuck straight in my head. I want to make her a gift. But I do not know what it could be. How to make a girl a gift just do that from another country?
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Sep 2nd, 2015, 09:20 PM
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It's so cute story! You need a goog company that delivers gifts to different countries . My friend knows this , I can ask him
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Sep 2nd, 2015, 09:21 PM
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Where do you want to send a gift ?
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Sep 3rd, 2015, 03:13 PM
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Just go to the post office in the US. We always send them boxes, all go through, no problem.

One issue though. They asked to put my husband's name on the box, as a sender, as the boxes go to his sister, so she can prove it's from a relative. She said, if from me (sister-in-law is not a relative by Belarusian laws) she will have to pay high taxes on delivery.
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Sep 4th, 2015, 03:42 AM
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What could be in this assumption? I have in mind only the idea of ​​a teddy bear. But I think it kind of corny. How do you think? She lives in Minsk.
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Sep 4th, 2015, 07:28 AM
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​​A Teddy bear... it will not be a surprise for her. I think, that extraordinary bouquet of flowers, maybe with small gifts will be a good idea)
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Sep 7th, 2015, 05:16 AM
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It's really a good idea. Do You know where I can get such an extraordinary bouquet with gift?
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Sep 7th, 2015, 10:41 PM
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I think Pippa and Lepka are a tag team - first timers setting out a 'cute' story and then posting a link to advertise the solution.
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Sep 7th, 2015, 11:25 PM
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If you've been to Russia - Belarus is cleaner, more organised and more poor.
Once knew a girl from there and I was very surprised to learn, that cultural life in Belarus is very rich. They pay much attention to classic art: opera, theater, classic concerts
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