first time to Europe: London Paris & ?

Sep 3rd, 2015, 04:24 PM
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first time to Europe: London Paris & ?

Hi all,
4 girls are going to London Paris & 1 more place (any recommendation) in Mar 16 for about 14days
Coming from asia& we speak english.
Now is the researching part hence appreciate any advice.
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Sep 3rd, 2015, 04:42 PM
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By girls do you mean young women - 20/21 or so - not children I presume.

If you tell us what your interests are and what type of weather you want - warm or chilly (Mar can still be winter esp north of the Alps) - people can make specific recos.
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Sep 4th, 2015, 12:36 AM
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We are 28. Understand that's its winter in mar and we are alright w it.

Since its our first time in Europe I guess we will cover those touristy attractions and if anyone has any more local place to recommend would be good.

A concern we have is language as we only speak english wonder if it would be a problem in Paris? And for the third place maybe Amsterdam or Barcelona?

Another concern is general safety

Our interest would be shopping and sightseeing (buildings nature, museums)
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Sep 4th, 2015, 01:27 AM
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You could easily spend your whole two weeks in London and Paris.

Between Amsterdam and Barcelona, I would prefer Amsterdam - in nice weather. It is an easy train ride from Paris and has great, great museums, beautiful architecture, pretty canals, etc.

However, even though you are fine that it is winter, Amsterdam will likely be cold, rainy, cloudy, not much (if any) days of sunshine and perhaps some snow. I hate tromping around wet and cold.

Barcelona is a fun city with unique architecture, and you will have a good chance of it being warmer with more days of sunshine, and a little less chance of being rainy and cloudy. You would want to fly from Paris.

I suggest considering Rome for magnificent things to see, longer hours of sunshine, great food, more to see than either Amsterdam or Barcelona. Of course, it will still be chilly, and you can still get a rainstorm, but more likely to have more "verge of Spring" like weather. Travel may take a bit longer than Barcelona, but not much.

All these are, of course, cities, but in winter, that is fine. Lots of places to duck into for something to eat or drink. That would probably be best in Amsterdam, but you would also need it more there.

Check flights, multi destination, fly into one city, home from another.

For this trip, be sure you have warm layers, rain jackets, umbrellas, etc.
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Sep 4th, 2015, 02:38 AM
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No problem to speak english in Paris, and everybody speaks english in Amsterdam. In London they do too, but with a strange accent.

Advantage of London - Paris - Amsterdam is that they are easily accessed via train : land in London, train with Eurostar to Paris, than Thalys to Amsterdam.
Buy tickets at least 90 days in advance.

I would fly open jaw (multicity) to London and depart from Amsterdam, or vice-versa.

Have a nice trip.
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Sep 4th, 2015, 05:47 PM
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Be sure to start EVERY conversation with Parisians with a Bon Jour madam/monsieur. Fodors has a language section with basic phrases pronounced for you. Learn them, use them with waiters, store clerks, bus drivers, taxi drivers, asking directions -- everyone, and you will have no problems. To just start off in English is considered quite rude by the French and you will be treated rudely. They will know you aren't fluent in French with your Asian accents just as they know from my Kansas prairie accent that I'm just trying to be polite and have made the effort to learn their language.

Paris and London are very safe for travelers. Use your common sense -- don't drink too much and wander off from the group or walk home alone late at night -- standard stuff in any city.
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Sep 4th, 2015, 10:27 PM
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thanks alots for your replies.
We will fly multi city,learn some basic french and bring umbrella rain coat
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Sep 4th, 2015, 11:22 PM
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March can be quite pleasant in the south of France. I would add Nice to your trip; plenty to do in case the weather is not good, but it is often warm enough for lunch outside, in March.
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Sep 5th, 2015, 12:47 AM
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'Bonjour' and 'merci' are words I know in about 20 language.
It is ther first thing I learn when coming to a country.

It goes a long way and always bring smiles.

I had learnt to say in Japanese 'hell, 2 tickets please' when we went visiting something and it never failed to bring the sellers giggling...

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Sep 8th, 2015, 12:11 AM
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We have decided amsterdam->Paris->London

Now it's the Accomodation headache
Any recommendations?

Our requirements
-Bed for 4pax (4single/2double/2queen)
-Private toilet
-budget per night stay for 4 (125-180euro and 90-130pounds)
-accessible to train station within mins
-if possible near interchange

And any reliable Europe apartment website we can search on besides airbnb? As we aren't really sure which sites are secure and real
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