Anyone been to Venice lately??

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Anyone been to Venice lately??

I'm wondering what the going price is for a gondola ride... so if you've taken one - can you tell me how much, for how long, and what time of day it was? Please and thanks!

I keep hearing it gets much more $$$$ after dark, but no one ever says how much! (and I promise I searched, there just wasn't much recent!)

Countdown is at 18 days
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Hi KAM. We were there in early April and asked a number of gondoliers what their rate was before we finally decided to take a ride...and also, as the saying goes, got taken for a ride.

I seem to recall that the going rate for two people during the day was around 100 euros for 50-60 minutes.

On the day we finally decided to do it, we ended up not heeding the advice of our Rough Guide (which says to only take a gondola from one of the offical gondola stands) and hired a long-haired blonde gondolier named Guiseppe who was stationed by a bridge west of the Rialto Bridge. He said his rate was 100 euros for 45 minutes. We counter-offered with 80 euros for 45 minutes and he accepted. I also specifically pointed on my map to a particular place I wanted to go, not all that far away on the other side of the Grand Canal, and he said yes, we'll go there.

Well, as it turned out, we didn't go there and we only got a 30 minute ride instead of the agreed-upon 45 minute ride. It certainly wasn't a total rip-off since we did get a nice 30 minute ride (and the Grand Canal was quite peaceful since there was a general strike that day and the vaporettos weren't running) but, on the other hand, he *did* cheat us by 1/3 on the time.

Anyway, I certainly can't say that all gondoliers who aren't at one of the official stands are going to cheat like that, but this one sure did. So, based on that experience, whatever time of day you decide to go, I'd recommend only going to one of the official gondola stands.

We didn't ask about after-dark prices but it seems to me I read they increase by about 30-40 euros for two people.

By the way, I don't think I'd take another gondola ride but I'm sure glad I experienced it at least once. As pricey as it is, peacefully gliding through the smaller canals is really quite a lovely experience.

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I just got back from Venice on Sunday. Our final "outing" was a wonderful gondola ride in the morning. We paid 100 Euros and were out about 55 minutes.
Our ride was on the smaller canals-our gondolier pointed out buildings of interest along the way. It was a nice quiet ride and a great way to end our trip.
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Kam: We were in Venice the second week in May. I was adamant about not getting ripped off, telling my husband that it wasn't a tradition anymore but a cruel way of bilking tourists. We checked a regular gondola stop and an older gentleman (I use the term loosely) wanted to charge us 80 euros for half an hour or 120 euros for two couples. Well we're one couple and opted out.

Later we were resting near the Rialto Bridge (late afternoon), sitting by the Grand Canal, when a gondolier (sp?) pulled up (not a regular stop). My husband spoke to him and Paolo, who was terrific, did not ask for our life savings and first born for 45 minutes. We paid 65 euros for a very pleasant ride--saw Marco Polo's house, Casanova's house, several churches and part of the Grand Canal.

It was wonderful, so relaxing with the pleasant noise of the water slapping against the gondola. I'm so glad we were able to do a gondola ride. I was set against it, but my husband prevailed and three cheers to Paolo!


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I will be in Venice in 3 weeks and I am planning on taking a gondola ride. I know it is a tourist scam but whenever anyone thinks of Venice what do you think of??? Gondolas of course. What do the "official" stands look like? How do you find a gondolier who sings? I feel would be missing out on one of life's great experiences if I didn't t least do it once in a lifetime. Or, is it the cheaper and the same at the Venetian in Las Vegas?
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Last month, it was 38 Euro per person for our gondola ride. We bought our ticket at a local travel agency, and the gondola departed from the Gritti Palace.

Venice is so beautiful and you will love it. I posted my travelogue on and shared many detailed tips on sightseeing, shopping, dining and hotels. You can find it by typing in "kiki" into the search box.



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There is a way to get a cheap gondola ride in Venice. They are called Traghetta. Cost = 40 cents ($0.40 euros). You pay the gondolers. The rides are the locals and tourists way to get across the Grand Canal. The ride lasts just as long as it takes to get across the Canal. The locations are marked with yellow signs. The locations are shown in the Eyewitness guides.
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Livingston (Liv)
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Like Dennis the 4 of us took the Traghetti across the GC for 40 cents per person. A 3 minute ride, no hassle over price & time & destination, several pictures of each other with gondolier in the background rowing us across. We crossed at San Marculo, walked down alleys and crossed back over at the Rialto Markets on a different Traghetti for another 40 cents per person. A wonderful gondola experience for 4 people at a total round trip cost of 3 Euros and 20 cents.
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We were in Venice in April and on our first late afternoon there, we took our very first Gondola ride. We walked past a Gondola station were there were a few gondoliers and when we asked about the price, they quoted E80 for the two of us. We said "Thanks" and started to walk away when a gondolier who had just gone off duty and covered his gondola, came us to us and said that he would give us a ride for E60 for about and hour!! We thought "Why not start the trip out right away with a Gondola ride?" So, we said that we would love to go for a ride. He took us through the small canals and then out on the Grand Canal. It was GRAND!!
Have fun.
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WE took an hour long gondola ride with another couple and brought along a bottle of wine--it was fabulous!! And made the stay in Venice like a movie~
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