Any Air France Comments?

Old Jul 1st, 1999, 11:42 AM
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Any Air France Comments?

I've been reading alot of comments about various airlines. We're flying into Paris on Air France in 2 weeks. Any comments about this airline? Thanks
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Loved Air France! We flew JFK-CDG in coach on a packed 747 in April '99. Food was great (!), not a wisp of cigarette smoke, and the flight attendants ranged from merely efficient to actually helpful! The fact that I felt cramped (I'm all of 5' tall) is another matter, but it sounds like par for the course. I would happily fly AF again (especially for $300 RT!)
Old Jul 1st, 1999, 12:04 PM
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Have flown Air France twice - JFK - CDG and have absolutely no complaints especially now that the flights are total non-smoking. The food was your typical airline fare, the attendants were pleasant, and the seats were standard for coach. All flights were on time. Would most definitely fly again, and as Helen said for $300 round trip, I'll fly cattle.
Old Jul 1st, 1999, 12:08 PM
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Have flown Air France a couple of times, the attendants were civilized, the food was not an insult to the word, and we landed on time. Snappy uniforms, too.
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You are in for a treat. Even in coach, Air France was the best carrier I have ever flown (just returned from a trip).

Try to dress up for the trip too if you can. I wore a tie and blazer on the trip back and got bumped to business.
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We also loved Air France. The French hosts/hostesses really set the mood and the food was excellent (for airline food). I still have the Champagne Bottle from the trip back (no charge) on my kitchen windowsill to remind me of our wonderful trip to Paris.
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We flew Air France last year from Washington DC to Paris. While coach seats were cramped on the flight out, the food was quite good, the crew charming, and gosh, we paid $399 but that WAS the lowest last year. The trip home was even better. We sat in the middle, in the last row before the curtained off crew seats. Seemed like there was more room. I'd take Air France again in a minute.
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We have always found Air France to be acceptable, neither wonderful nor awful each time we flew them. Their food sometimes tries to be more than it can be in reality in business class--simplify would be better. However, it's better than BA and Lufthansa and not as good as Swiss Air--IMHO. Please, no wars on this!!! None of the airlines is pleasant. Just let's try to lobby for our rights and in the meantime, get to our destinations as best we can.
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Bill Fleites
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I just returned from a trip to Europe and I flew Air France. I liked it much better than my last transatlantic flight on British Air, and a little bit more than similar flights on KLM. I agree with the poster that said their food tries to be a little bit fancier than most airline food without really succeeding. I guess they're trying to uphold their French cuisine tradition. The nicest thing they do is give you an eye mask so that you can try and get some sleep on the flight. If you want to get some sleep during the flight, the eye mask coupled with a good set of ear plugs will do the job nicely (at least it did for me). Have fun in Paris.
Old Jul 2nd, 1999, 09:35 AM
Thomas Nastos
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Air France is the greatest! We've been flying it for years and always look forward to it. In fact we are flying on July 6 and returning July 24. The champagne at drink time is nice and at dinner time. They come around for extra rolls, the greatest. All free!!
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My only complaint about Air France was that their pilots went on strike 3 days before our trip. It was VERY difficult to get through to someone who could tell us what the heck we were supposed to do. Finally found the local number for their desk at O'Hare and got through to a real person, who rerouted us finally. I did notice while searching the web for news of the strike that there are MANY Air France Strike stories in the archives, dated about every 1-2 years for the past several years. Sounds like a good airline, as long as they're not on strike.
Old Jul 2nd, 1999, 11:18 AM
Brian in Atlanta
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Anna makes a very good point. Given the French propensity to strike, I probably would not book Air France for a trip that I really didn't want to risk being interrupted (honeymoon for example). Seems that they are always dealing with striking workers in some part of their company.
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Are all drinks free on their flights?
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Don't remember if all were free, but I avoid drinking alcohol and caffein on long flights to fight jet-lag. However the complimentary wine with your meal (red or white at your choice) was hard to turn down. I didn't. I figured it helped me digest my meal. yeah, that's it. And coffee when they "wake" you up before you land. By then, I know that I won't be sleeping for a while anyway. You have to stay awake long enough to get to your hotel.
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I went Air France last Oct. Food was good, service excellent, flights on time and I had more leg room than I can ever remember having before. PS: Maybe the strikes are why the attendants are nice -- they're happy and well-paid!
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I posted my story on an AOL board last week, and I have gotten 173 e-mail responses sharing similar horror stories. I found out from MANY other business travelers that the airline is know as AIR CHANCE.

I flew "air chance" from Italy to Chicago and it was a nightmare. I will e-mail the letter I wrote to the Air France President for anyone who is interested. I am currently in negotiations to get my money back. So far they are only offering $1000.00 flight voucher, but that would mean I have to fly that awful airline again.

The story is too long to post, but I would be happy to e-mail it to anyone. It is pretty amazing stuff.

For anyone who has experienced problems with Air France, here are the two names and phone numbers you'll need. Their 1-800 numbers for refunds and customer support are only answering machines, and nobody ever called me back:

Jean-Louis Pinson
Vice President in America (212)830-4000 x4421

Kathy Schauer
Head of Customer Relations (954)835-3256

I encourage anyone who has experienced problems with this airline to call those two people. I would also encourage anyone who has a trip already booked with Air France to call these people to express concern over the things you are hearing on the internet. This will let them know the power of customer word of mouth.


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