Spain,Parador "hotels"

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Spain,Parador "hotels"

I am planning a trip to Madrid & Seville and have been reviewing old posts.I have seen "Parador"mentioned.Can anyone speak to quality and price range.Do they have web-sites?Any info would be helpful.Thanks.
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This website has information on all the Spanish paradors. Probably there are other sites, also.

We stayed in four and dined in two others last year. We consider them a good value for the money. Expect to pay in the $80 - $160 range per room per night -- depending on the quality, location, season, etc. They do have frequent-guest program available, which may bring the cost down somewhat -- depending on how long you stay, etc. We considered them a very good value for the money.
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We've stayed at 3 paradors and loved them - they're great value. Also suggest you search the following sites:

Travel & Leisure Magazine

Conde Nast Traveler

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Henry---- The following website has good info regarding Paradores in Spain;

For what I was able to observed, the Paradores are located in prime locations, beautiful and historical buildings, and very good value for the money.

Also a great value for the money are what's called Estancias. Similar to the Paradores, an Estancia is typically well located, the building usually has a historical significance and are beautifully maintained. The estancias usually have outstanding restaurants. They are a cheaper alternatives to the Paradores. Their website is

Hope this helps.
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We have travelled in Spain a lot. Get Karen Brown's book(s) on inns and Paradors (can order from We used it exclusively both in Spain and Portugal and never went wrong. Paradors are great, but very predictable. Best part is, they will phone ahead for you to insure a bed next night. Parador in Salamanca is "magnificent". (often old castles or forts, manor houses, monestaries, etc, with history and ambience galore!
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HI Henry, Most paradores are excellent!
Excellent value, their breakfast are outstanding.
Look in their official site www.
They have a lot of different marketing offers, so check if the 5 nights booklet is available, ( you buy five coupons for a pre fixed better rate) or if you are over 60 you can have Anos Dorados Plan which gives you 35% off board and breakfast. Look in their site.You can also e mail them they answer inmediately.
They range from 3 to 5 stars, some are fantastic, most are 4 stars, we just returned from Spain
and stayed in Baoina ( the most fantastic view of the Atlantic ocean)
get a room with a view for a small supplemnt, we stayed in Leon , a 5 stars historic place, we stayed in Merida , 4 stars, excellent, also in Arcos, Ronda,and beautiful town and beautiful parador in Guadallupe....they are very nice, most of them have good pools and gardens, I do not think you can go wrong, in some cases..... only a few like in Cordoba they are located off town, more like a country side place.
Buen viaje , should you have anyquestion please be free to e amail me.Buena suerte.

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Graziella---- I am curious....what was your impression of Leon? I thought Leon was amazing!!!! The Parador is gorgeous, the city blew me away on how well preserved it looked. I could not believe the Royal Pantheon with the 12th Century frescoes. You hear about Madrid, Salamanca, Segovia....Leon is an undiscovered gem, no doubt about it.
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The paradors are great and a good value as long as you are not on the super-budget. Some are absolutely fabulous and popular and more expensive (The Alhambra in Granada) but worth even the $200 plus you pay. Be sure that if you want a historic one (moorish castle, renaissance monastery, etc..) that it is not one of the "modern" ones that are nice but lacking the atmosphere of the truly older ones. Also, even if you do not stay at a parador, their dining rooms are absolutely fabulous and definitely worth driving out of your way to enjoy a meal that is the most exquisite regional cuisine at a totally reasonable price. Have a great trip!
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I have stayed in paradors in the Barcelona area and Granada. I agree completely with Julie who suggests Karen Brown and who also correctly points out that many of the paradors are predictable. Also, few of them are centrally located, so if you like to walk into town at night it's a problem.
I also think the parador at the Alhambra is terribly overrated. The best parts are the open areas and you can enjoy those without staying at the hotel. All in all, I would balance a trip with one or two paradors and the many small and atmospheric hotels in Spain.
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Hi Maira, I fall in love with Leon, we had a lot of fun, ...the people made a fantastic difference so hospitable!, we made local friends in a cafe and ended up that night having tapas all over town. They recommended an excellent restaurant, really charming and great food, the owner- chef to whom our new friend took us personally ( although she couldn t stay for lunch and accept our invitation),ordered the food for us, actually he changed what we ordered and how right he was!! the entree was little dishes of different outstanding
croquetas ( never in my life I try this poem of croquetas), home made morcillas, etc etc.It was such a good place than I one table there were all the main priests of the Cathedral.The place was full of locals.
This restaurant is also a hotel,in a XIII centu ry old building , which also has here and there roman walls from the year 50 AC. Each room is different and charming, recently redone by the owner and his wife also a chef. We were staying in the Parador but next time I shall go there with my eyes closed. He told me he charges all year aprox. 85 dollars with breakfast.In France this place would cost at least two times more.
To top everything one night there was a "tuna" contest, we end up very late with our new old friends and some new new ones ( because everybody knows everybody there) again doing tapas, singing ...etc.
Didn t you love the cathedral?, I thought it was outstanding, -those vitrauxs!! - and the fabulous romanic frescos in St...... , I loved Leon and plan to come back soon.
This is the name of the hotel -restaurant ( some 25 rooms) , located in the heart of the barrio humedo:
La bodega regia", the owners name is
Marcos Vidal, I cannot find now his phone and address but will post it later of if you wish send me an e mail.
Adios. Graziella.
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Message: Hi Maira , I found the address:
La Bodega Regia
C. General Mola ,9-11
Phone 987 213 173
Fax 987 213 031
24003 LEON Spain

E mail [email protected]
;I do not know if you know but the tapas thing is like this in Leon, each place gives a free tapa with drinks, no matter how unexpensive the drink is, they give a different tapa at lunch than at night. Our friends meet
every day at el Bar Gaucho,Azabacheria 1, the owner is Angelita. Their tapa is
potatoes with some meat at lunch and in the evenings " sopa de ajo"... sopa de ajo ???? this is something more Spanish than Don Quijote, it is a garlic soup.!!!..the amazing thing it is good, it is served very hot, and there the weather can be very at 7 or 8 PM you can find a bunch of locals, drinking wine for some 75 cts a glass, and a sopa de ajo.for free .....
I also remmembered the name of San Isidro , yes as I said before I was delighted with the frescos in the Royal Pantheons of San Isidro as you ...Ok, may be one day in Leon we find each other taking some sopa de ajo...
I am coming back, and you?
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Graziella---Just read your reply!!! I can't understand HOW did I missed it!!! Want to know an AMAZING coincidence...I stayed at La Bodega Regia when we were in Leon. The hotel was gorgeous, rooms were beautifully decorated and the staff was very friendly and courteous. Definitely recommend a stay. I went in like three other places before spotting La Bodega Regia Hotel and there was no question; that is the place to stay while in Leon.

I certainly hope to go back someday. I hope you make it back as well!

Thanks for your kind replies.

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