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Another Island Iteniary Question!!


Mar 5th, 2011, 03:01 AM
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Another Island Iteniary Question!!

Hi there, I've looked at some of the discussions here regarding teh Greek Isalnds and there seems to be some posters who are very helpful and knowledgable, so hopefully upi can help me out

My wife and I are going to Greece for the last two weeks in July - not ideal timing but the only time I can get off work.

Our choice of flights is limited so we arrive at around 9.30pm on a Saturday night

I know that you'll want some context - we are in our mid thirties, have done loads of travelling and essentially are looking for a bit of a mix and match of a holiday
We don't want to go to that many islands - did this in Croatia last year and while the islands there are great, we did spend a little bit too much times on ferries etc - I have no interest in spending 7 hours during the day on a ferry for example

Currently we want to go to Santorini - for anyone who knows Croatia we were on Hvar last year and loved it and I get the impression this is the Greek equivalent - I want to spend 5 nights here - we will definitely want to relax when we arrive

Basically my questions are;

Best way to get to Santorini - looking at flights or catamaran

Guesthouses in Santoirini - ideally 10/20 minutes walk from a town and a beach, with a balcony, refrigerator, air con, etc maybe in the €60 - €80 bracket

Other things to do in Santorini - water sports, kayaking, hiking, wine, etc

5 nights on another island - which one? (ideally one which we could may do a day trip to one or two other islands)

If there are any other suggestions just put them out there
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Mar 5th, 2011, 03:57 AM
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First of all, with a 9:30 pm arrival in Athens, you are unlikely to find a flight or ferry to Santorini until next morning. You will then have a choice of flight from Athens Airport or catamaran from Piraeus. Best choice for catamaran, if it's offered again this year, is Highspeed 6, which last year left Piraeus a little after 7 am, taking 4 hrs to Santorini. There are early morning flights by both Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air, taking less than an hour to reach Santorini.

For a second island without long ferry rides, your best choice would be Paros or Naxos. From either you can do day trips to Delos/Mykonos or Iraklia/Koufonissi. From Paros you can also take a day trip to Antiparos.
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Mar 7th, 2011, 03:21 AM
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Thanks for your reply - we've decided to get the flight to Santorini and we'll use the ferries to get back

One other query - I'm looking at the Perissa area for accommodation - I'd like to be able to walk to beaches and this doesn't really seem to be an option in Fira. The price also seems good here - like I said I want a decent place, with v basic cooking facilities (essentially a fridge and a kettle at min), a balcony - would Perissa be a good option for this? - or is there somewhere else on the island you would recommend
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Mar 7th, 2011, 03:38 AM
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Wait for brotherleelove's opinion on this, but if you would rather have beach than caldera views, Perissa would be a good option. The beaches on Santorini are unique, Perissa having black volcanic grit rather than golden sand. If you still want to visit a second island you could save the beach for there and enjoy the caldera side of Santorini.

Since you plan to take the ferry back, both Naxos and Paros are on the main Blue Star ferry route to Piraeus, so would break up a long ferry ride and give you an opportunity to see a different and contrasting island. Paros (but not Naxos) is also on the FlyingCat 4 fast ferry route from Santorini.

Many on this board extoll the virtues of Naxos, which is a great island, but for me the combination of Paros and Antiparos can't be beat. Paros has some good beaches, major windsurfing and kiting centers, and the little island of Antiparos just across a narrow strait. Antiparos has round-island boat trips, scuba and snorkelling, and kayaking by prior arrangement with http://www.argonautsblue.com/.
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Mar 7th, 2011, 09:07 AM
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If you want to stay at the beach focus your search on Kamari Beach and Perissa/Perivolos Beach for the most selection.

Here's a website with hotels separated by village: http://www.santorini.com/hotels-in-s...ni/perissa.htm

Room prices are typically more reasonable at the beach. It will be very busy (and windy) there in July.
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