Aiuto! (Or help with translations)

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Aiuto! (Or help with translations)

Dear Fodorites,
I know there have been a few postings listing a site or two that help with foreign language translations.
But today, I am unable to bring the threads up on my computer.
I have been studying italian on my own for about 6-7 months now for our upcoming trip.
And I am at the stage where I am able to compose a good request for room info, etc, in italian, (plus I also put it in English to make sure that that someone does not think I am requesting a room with a dessert, dolce vs. doccia)
And although I am able to translate the replies (most of them are replying to me in Italian only!!)
I would like to run my replies through a translation, if possible, to make sure I am translating correctly.
So, thank you much if anyone is able to come up with a website.

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Buon viaggio!
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It's actually at now. I could maybe help you if you want to email me privately.
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Santa Chiara
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Nancy, since you have been studying for several months, you probably have enough dictionaries and grammar books to figure it out with a little research. I have also had to revert to English, apologizing in advance for my limited Italian. I usually get a response back in English.

Furthermore, I am hugely disappointed with Babelfish, although I will occasionally run an article from La Repubblica, just for my amusement because, secondo me, they really slaughter the translation.
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Give elingo a try. I just ran across it today. A real quick test seemed to show much better results than AltaVista. Hardly perfect, but much better. Appreciate hearing feedback from anyone on this or other improved services.

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Its fun to learn but I found nearly everyone except out in the boonies speak some English. In Siena I was at the fortress and there was a Canadian girl hired in the little shop just for that reason.I also felt like they would rather not listen to our fractured Italian--Just my impression
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Thanks all for the replies and leads on sites.
I am almost done with the last translation, then I will try the site that Ed recommended and the babelfish one, too.
Thanks for the offer Pam, if I get stuck, I will e- you.
You speak italian I assume?
Santa Chiara,
I always open my letters with an apology for my poor italian.
But out of 3 requests for info that I have sent, only one came back in english, the other two , italian.
When I finalize our plans with the hotel, I will request that they respond in english, so we do not have any misunderstandings over something very important.
I know english is widely spoken in italy.
Infact, one hotel expressed surprise over the fact I wanted to learn italian ,as english is spoken in so many places.
But, the woman was very touched that I was trying.
And I had a great
conversation with a hotel,via phone, and we did alot of laughing over my attempts.
Overall, I find practicing italian alot of fun.
But , as before, I thank everyone for their advice, and I will definitely check up on my translations!
And I will definitely make sure that I do not hold up someone who is very busy, with my beginners italian.
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I think for what you are wanting, this is a great site:

It's very good for proofing and (literal) translation, moreso in the written language. (i.e. basic correspondence)

As, you are learning, the spoken language/idioms can be a different matter altogether!

I think it's great you're taking a language class!

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oh yea...
apparently, "Aiuto!" means "Aid!"...!?

Old Nov 21st, 2000, 04:37 PM
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I will try this site.
Elingo was o.k but the one sentence I am struggling with, this site's translation made even less sense to me.
Aiuto!=help!, aiutare=to help.
I wish I *was * taking a class!
I did finally find a school though , and hope to arrange my homelife/children's and husband's schedule to be able to take a class this winter!
But the school is an hour away, and only offered at night.
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oops, you're right, Nancy!
I see now you did say you've been teaching yourself. sorry.

If you Really want a chance to hear and converse (hopefully) a class WOULD probably make a difference...can be alot of fun to meet others trying to learn too...Or, Hey! Meet some local Italian-speaking people!!!!
Either way, studying on your own is great in itself, and if you can use it as a preface to furthering your knowledge, even better!

(I realize that's beside the point though)

I learned Spanish when I lived awhile in Guatemala and Mexico City as a kid...
Soooooo much easier that way! (so DO teach your children well!)

Ended up a Language major (would've been psychology if I hadn't have had to take statistics, but that's another story...) Have taken continuing ed classes, and have taught the same...


(lol) I do go on...
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I wish there were italian speaking persons in my area.
But I am in southern Vermont, and they are few and inbetween.BUT!
We do have a school nearby, which is for international studies.
The other day ,in our local coop, I overheard a woman say , Ciao, to another woman, and she had an accent, so I followed her to produce, and asked in italian, if she was italian.
Unfortunately she is spanish, speaking only a little italian.
but she said at her school, there were two italian students!
so, I maybe in luck.
Something should happen soon, otherwise I will get this reputation as "that strange lady who follows others around in stores"

As far as learning as a child.
You are so correct!
you were lucky to have that opportunity as a child.
I did not have the opportunity to learn a second language til 10th grade, and in 1968, I cared little for my studies.
I wish today, that teaching a second language was a priority for our schools.
My children were initially turned off by my italian studying.
Everytime they got in the car, my tapes are playing.
Now, as our trip is getting closer, they are more interested.
They use to groan when I would speak to them in italian.
So now, I sing the italian words at them, opera style.When they complain, I tell them, I can either sing it, or speak it.
You of course can guess which they prefer.

See, you are not the only one to go on and on!
Thanks for your replies.
Ha buona festa!
Old Nov 24th, 2000, 02:24 AM
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Cara Nancy,
Congratulations on trying to learn another language. I LOVE Italian (born in Italy) and would encourage you to keep going. If you need held email me.
although most people speak English in the larger Italian cities it is fun to visit the smaller towns and experience the real Italy language and all.

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