Air-conditioning:Paris Hotel

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Air-conditioning:Paris Hotel

I looked at the web-site of Hotel des Grandes Ecoles and it doesn't seem to have any air-conditioners in the rooms. My question is: Do you really need air-conditioner in Paris for Mid-June?? We live in the mid-west and we don't turn the AC until July. Is it any different in Paris??

Thank you.
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Sorry, forgot to say that we live in Chicago so I just want to compare apples to apples i.e. city to city.

Again thanks.
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In my opinion, the main reason for needing air-conditioning is so that you will be able to sleep. Even in the most out of the way neighborhoods of Paris, a lot of activity seems to start about 5 AM, garbage trucks, delivery trucks, street cleaners, etc. Even when I've slept with windows open in air conditioned hotels, I usually find myself awake very early, get up, close the windows, and turn on the air, so that I can sleep another couple of hours. The same often holds true at night. Just when I'm about asleep, some late night revelers decide to sing their goodbyes or yell back and forth across the street. Mid June in Paris can be beautiful, but it can be very hot and humid as well -- it's a real guessing game.
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When Paris is hot I think it is almost unbearable because of the humidity. My last 2 trips though were in July and August respectively and the temp was just fine. The week right before my visit in August it was in the 90's. I'm from the Northwest and start wilting when it gets above 75. Being from a place known for hot, humid summers like Chicago, the heat of Paris may not be so uncomfortable for you. If you're worried that heat could ruin your experience though, I'd find a hotel with AC. The price for AC does increase the cost of a room.
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bob Brown
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I have tried Paris with and without air conditioning. I prefer my hotel with a/c. The urban heat island effect is in full swing and you don't have Chicagos breezes to keep the air stirring.
It can be rainy in Paris, and often the humidity is a factor.
I guess it depends on what you call "really needing it". But if I am going to spend umpteen thousand bucks to get there, I am not going to let a few euros stand in the way of my renting a comfortable hotel room.
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I have stayed in the Hotel des Grandes Ecoles in Mid-June. 90 degree daytime temperature led to a miserably hot room at night. Had to leave the windows open to try and move the air just a little. Then was kept awake most of the night by loud people in the surrounding buildings. Even though our room was on an interior courtyard, the street noise began at dawn and sounded like it was inside our room! Never again will I stay in a room with out air conditioning, during the summer months. A considerate hotel would at least offer its guest the use of a fan. Not so here.
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Thank you everybody for your responses. I have a gut feeling I would need an air-conditioned room in Paris that month. Anyway I have found a hotel that do offer air conditioner and in a comparable location as the Grandes Ecoles.
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Bob Brown
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Karen, I think you made a wise choice to select a room with air conditioning.
I did not go into a lot of detail in my first answer, but let me add this to reinforce your decision.

With AC, you can keep the room cool and shut the windows to keep the noise out.
You will rest better and enjoy your trip more.

I know the last time I was in Paris, and the last time I was in Vienna, I opted for AC and I have no reservations about the few extra bucks it might have cost me. I think it is false economy to spend hundreds of dollars on getting there and hundreds more to be there, and then balk at an extra $50 or $70 to enhance your enjoyment of the whole investment.

I hope you have a great trip and tell us about it when you return. I like to hear other people's experiences. Often I learn from them and, in turn, enjoy my next trip more.
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Thank you Bob for your kind reply. I am not very good at travel writing even though I have a small journal I keep to write notes. I will communicate with you about our trip, privately in your e-mail.
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You will need a/c - Paris can be hot (or cool) but don't take a chance. The hotel we stayed in on our last trip (April) was the Relais Bosquet in the 7th Arr. Not only did our room have a/c (not needed in April) but we had really fantastic electric blind like thing that when you closed them it shut out all the light from the street. Press a button and the raised or lowered. First time we've seen them in Paris. The street was actually quiet at night but we have stayed in hotels where early a.m. activity in the street can be annoying. (Room classification was "superior" in case anyone cares to know).

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