air conditioning? Late June, early July

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air conditioning? Late June, early July

Having experienced a heat wave in Italy a few years ago in August, we wondered if anyone has any thoughts on whether we should find accomodations that have a/c in both the Portofino area and Chianti area? Our trip in those areas will be July 1 through July 11. I know no one can predict the weather but not having been to either area before we are not sure what to do.
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I don't know about Portofino, but we stayed in a villa south of Rome two summers ago in late July and early August and if we had not had air conditioning we would have died. And I say this as owner of a house in the southwest of France that has no air conditioning, where I have stayed in July and August without being uncomfortable (we use fans at night and that's sufficient - the stone walls keep us cool)
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I have been in Europe numerous times, from early July through mid-August. I have encountered periods that never got above 60 F, rainy, cloudy and cold, and periods where it was mid-90's. We even hit scorching weather in Amsterdam, where it almost never gets hot like that. As an "ugly American," at least when it comes to air conditioning, it is my policy now never to book a hotel that isn't air conditioned. You just never can tell.
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Gary, this has been my thinking as well. Unfortunately the choices for air conditioned hotels in Tuscany are limited as far as I can determine. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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We stayed in a rental outside of Florence in late July. No air conditioning and only two small windows, one upstairs and one downstairs. It wasn't too terrible. We bought a small fan just to circulate the air at night and we were fine.
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No offence, deb, but I take it you are strongly suggesting that Bob get airconditioning. I can't think of a worse recommendation for a vacation than saying, "it wasn't TOO terrible."
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Bob--If you can't get a place with A/C, find a hotel or B&B that is in one of the older medieval-type buildings with thick stone or masonry walls, and you will probably not be uncomfortable even in the summer. Especially late June and early July, it is unusual (not impossible) for extremely warm weather to occur. In Portofino, the proximity of the water seems to keep things pretty cool. Enjoy your trip.
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Wayne, we stayed in an old chateau in Amboise last July that did not have air conditioning and while the hotel was very nice, we suffered through warm nights and mosquitos. On top of that our window looked out over the parking in the rear of the chateau and early every morning we were awakened by a delivery truck or someone making an early start on the day. We would have gladly paid twice the rate for air conditioning if it had been available. Now you can see why I ask the quesion.
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Burn me once, shame on you.

Burn me twice, shame on me.

In your first post, you said

"Having experienced a heat wave in Italy a few years ago in August, we wondered..."

In your follow-up post, you said

"we suffered through warm nights and mosquitos."

I think you just answered your own question.

Go for the A/C; you're going in July, not May.

Best wishes,

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My experience in Italy is even if you have a/c it doesn't say that the owners will turn it on. Most of the time they will say that it is broke and they are trying to fix it. Good luck anyway, whatever because its all worth it, Buck
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What would be the point of air conditioning if you don't use it in July?
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Is this a serious question? If so, go for the air. Unless you have a crystal ball (maybe some do, I don't) and are staying in a stone castle, you might need the air. Last summer in Italy I would have died if I didn't have it and I am not a person who uses air conditioning frequently in the States. Also, I found my allergies much worse over there and the air-conditioning helped alot. Why would you take a chance on being hot and miserable?
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How can you even think of going there in July and NOT having A/C? I was in the Portofino area (Rapallo) in May, and it was hot. They said that are not allowed to turn on the air conditioning until June, and it was unbearable. (We were at the Excelsior Palace, which advertises that it is air conditioned.) We had to have the windows open. Our room faced the sea, and the view was lovely, but the traffic noise all night long, and the light coming into the room kept us awake. Try to get a hotel room where the road is not between you and the sea! In Chianti, I recommend Relais La Suvera in Pievescola. The rooms are air conditioned and they turn it on in May. Gorgeous place. Great food and service.
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