Aerlingus strike?

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Well aer lingus have picked their strike dates would you think sunday the 4th will be ok?
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Aer Lingus warning of travel disruption
Friday, 23 February 2007 09:06
Aer Lingus is advising customers that disruption to travel is now a possibility on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of next week.

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Author: lawchick
Date: 02/21/2007, 08:09 am
Did you actually rains much more in Belgium than it does in Ireland?

Interesting fact No. 10023

I believe you but thousands wouldnt

Since you mentioned Belgium, it made me think of a friend we had over to stay with us last August, he was absolutely amazed at so many people, young and old alike out walking, playing sport and generally keeping active here in Dublin, he said in Belgium people dont walk much for recreation, and smoke very heavily.

I was very pleased with his observations

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My daughter is flying Aer Lingus from Belgium back to Dublin on Tuesday. So it sounds like she should make it under the wire.

We both have reservations to fly to Paris on March 26th. If they go out next week, surely it'll be settled by then?

Thanks for the link, Lawchick.
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Siptu to discuss Aer Lingus restructuring demands
Éanna Ó Caollai

Siptu officials at Aer Lingus are to meet late this afternoon to consider its response to the airline's demand that staff assist in training new employees recruited on reduced terms and conditions.

The airline has said it cannot guarantee that it will be able to operate all of its flights from Wednesday, when strike notice from Siptu takes effect in a dispute over the new work contracts.

The trade union formed an 11-member disputes committee comprising shop stewards at Dublin, Cork and Shannon airports, and union officials.

It is understood the shop stewards will formalise their strike plans at tonight's meeting.

Siptu national industrial secretary Michael Halpenny declined to say what form of action the union would take if the airline's position on new work contracts did not change.

"If the company proceed as they have done, then we have said publicly that we will react," he said. "We've always said that as far as industrial action is concerned it is a reaction to the actions of the company."

The union's meeting will be held at Dublin airport at 4.30pm.

Siptu's 1,800 members at Aer Lingus are preparing to withdraw their labour from March 1st if the airline does not back down on plans to introduce new contracts for existing staff.

Asked whether he had anything to say to passengers facing disruption due to the threatened action, Mr Halpenny said: "It's up to the company to say because they're the people pulling the trigger."

Aer Lingus, which says the current work practices of its staff are uncompetitive, told passengers that it will change their flights free of charge if they wish to avoid the threat of action this week. Passengers who wish to change their tickets were advised to phone 0818-365000 or use the airline's website,

The airline said last night that there was no change to its position.

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Labour Court asks Aer Lingus & SIPTU to attend talks

17:19 Monday February 26th 2007

The Labour Court intervened in the Aer Lingus dispute this evening, in an effort to avert possible industrial action.
It has invited SIPTU and the company to attend talks tomorrow.

SIPTU has threatened strike action later this week in response to the company's intention to introduce new contracts.

The union's National Industrial Secretary Michael Halpenny confirmed that the union will attend the talks.

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Take lawchick's latest report as a good sign.

There is still, however, a crunch point. Aer Lingus have said that they want existing staff to train new recruits who are on different (less attractive) contracts, and have threatened to suspend staff who refuse to do this. That was to commence on Wednesday, which is why that was the time industrial action was scheduled. I have heard nothing yet about Aer Lingus pulling back on that. In the short term, that would be a Rubicon for the union.

SIPTU represents mainly ground staff, so check-in and boarding would be affected if the strike went ahead. The planes could still fly, and if the industrial action is limited, they probably would. It is possible that they could go out nearly empty, but passengers coming in to Ireland could still travel.

A routine of full planes coming in and empty planes going out could continue until Ireland fills up.
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Update: Both parties will go to the Labour Court later today (Tuesday).

The union has said that if Aer Lingus persists in trying to change working conditions to the disadvantage of its members it will conduct a 24-hour work stoppage form midnight on Sunday, and then continue its action with an overtime ban and work to rule.

It is possible that the Labour Court will resolve the matter, or win more time for discussions to be held, but I would not count on it: management seem to be continuing to talk tough.

Leah, you should be okay flying on Sunday. They will let you off the plane when you arrive.
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Padraig, I know it's impossible to say for sure, but do you think it's likely this will be resolved by March 27th? It seems like it's been going on for quite a while.
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It's difficult to read this one.

It looks to me as if the unions want to make their point (win their argument) with a low rather than a high level of disruption. With an overtime ban and work to rule, they can achieve that: people (including passengers) severely discommoded, but the business still operating.

The core issue is that the airline wants to change terms of employment, and the unions oppose it on the basis that they have recently-made agreements that they believe are enforceable. That is the first thing for the Labour Court to address.
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Any updates?
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All action has been suspended for the moment while the Labour Court has been dealing with the issues.

The Court (which has a statutory basis, but which can not make legally-binding rulings in this sort of situation) issued its recommendations today. My first impression is that it is a draw: some things for the union, some for the management (and a major censure for the management on the way it has dealt with things so far). Both sides are now considering the document. There is a good chance that a settlement will be made without industrial action.

But I have been wrong before.
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Thanks, Padraig! That does sound encouraging. I will continue to keep my fingers crossed.
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Padraig is on top of things but I was curious and did a quick google. Found the Boston paper article interesting. I feel your anxiety as we are set to leave on April 9th and we have friends leaving April 4th.

Thought you might like a quick read-
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Thanks for those links, Dawn! It definitely sounds less worrisome. Even though there's still a bit of a threat, that Boston article made me glad I'd chosen Aer Lingus. They don't make Ryanair sound very "nice"! I certainly hope they don't succeed with their takeover attempt.
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