Advice on Ephesus

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Advice on Ephesus

We are arriving in Kusadasi via boat and would like to find an English speaking guide who can show us Ephesus and the surrounding area. Any advice?

Thanks so much.
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I was there 2 years ago and when we pulled in there were suddenly a dozen English speaking people around. They wanted you to come to their carpet stores, and in return would give you all the info you needed. We chose to buy the guidbook (inexpensive) and make our way on our own. We did just fine & almost everyone at Ephesus & the surrounding areas speak good English (and are more than happy to do so). Have fun - it was well worth seeing.
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Steve, In 1999 on a Renaissance Cruise, we used a local guide Nejat Nincedogan.
[email protected] No carpet stores. He has even visited us here in Las Vegas.
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Contact Shirley Smith at [email protected]. I believe she has a home in Turkey and takes groups there regularly. Her number is 800 367-3230. She booked a private, english speaking guide for us in Ephesus. We got off the ship 20 minutes early and he was waiting for us. Shirley is very conscientious. I found her advertisement on a Turkish tourist website.
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Ephesus was built on a slopping valley. We parked the car at the lower end and caught a ride to the upper entrance in exchange for a visit to a carpet shop. Next time, we will just pay for the ride.
At the entrance you will be approached by a guide (we think they rotate turns) and you can negotiate the price. They prefer US dollars. Although we had read and studied about Ephesus and had a guide book, the guide's information and enthusiasm about this incredible city made the cost well worth it.
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Dear Steve

If you send me details of your boat etc
name of boat
I can send you all the possibilies.
Guide Ephesus
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We arrived on a boat and the tour guide was waiting for our group. We got the tour of Ephesus... which was great... and then the directions to the carpet store. Those guys really like to hawk their carpets! They could care less about the history of the area. The town is there to sell carpets, carpets and more carpets. Just go with the flow and enjoy it. No matter how you go on the tour you will be asked to buy a carpet while you are there. Love them carpets!
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I was in Ephesus last month and it was fantastic. We caught a cab in Kusadisi to Selcuck which is next to the ruins(about $12 U.S.) to our pension called the Tuncay Pension. The rooms were very clean and reasonably priced ($4.00 a night two to a room). The owner spent many years in the U.S. and his wife is Canadian so there is no language problem. They also have a person that will take you to the ruins and pick you up on the other side as well as take you to the other sites around Ephesus. The drawback... a stop at the cousin's carpet shop but we actually had a blast... and I hung the damn carpet on the wall last weekend and it looks pretty cool... ha ha ha yep they got us. Anyway... there were a number of english speaking guides at both enterances to the ruins... at that time they were charging $10 U.S. They do have some interesting info but any good guide book will have all the necessary info. Have a good time and be sure to take a hat and lots of H2O.
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Marge-if you were on Renaissance, did you pass up the ship tours? How do the prices of the ship tours and Nejats compare? Thanks
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We were driving, but followed the advice of a previous Fodors posting. We parked at the "bottom" and walked both up, using the guidebook, then back down repeating our favorite spots or seeing it all from a different angle. We had been led to believe that is is an incredibly long and hard walk up -- not so. We avoided the hawkers offering the "free ride" to the top, and thereby also avoided the carpet sales which we were simply not interested in. We liked having the opportunity to explore Ephesus going in both directions, and were very happy using a detailed guidebook rather than a guide. We could focus on the things we were interested in. I would suggest getting the guide book in advance so you can have a quich read through for an overview of what the whole place is about.

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