Advice for First Day in London

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Advice for First Day in London

We are planning to visit London for two weeks in June. After leaving the US at 7pm, our plane lands at London's Heathrow at 7am. Obviosuly, we will be feeling the effects of the time difference, but I was hoping for some suggestions for an "easy" first day, as we do not want to waste the whole first day sleeping! We are staying with friends in London's Richmond area, which I think is near the Kew Gardens. Is that a nice place to relax/walk around? Is there a park around Richmond too, or a place to catch a boat in that area for a river cruise on the Thames? Do you think a bus tour around London is too much for a first day? Any suggestions would be helpful! We want to relax, but begin our vacation too! Thank you,
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If you scroll down on today's list to "itenarary" (sic) you will find one response that is excellent advice from wes on how to orient yourselves and take public buses that will let you see many of the most famous sites of London on your first day.
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You're definitely staying at the right area for a lovely first day. Richmond is probably the most scenic area around London. It is located on the Thames, and has a gorgeous walk and park along the river. You can take a boat over to Twickenham and (I think) Hampton Court palace. I am pretty sure you would be able to jump on a cruise there. There are some great pubs along there. Also enjoy Kew Gardens - very very relaxing. Don't bother with going into the hussle and bussle, theres plenty of time for that later. Meanwhile, enjoy a part of London that Londoners enjoy in their numbers on a sunny weekend. A good riding stables is also located in Richmond (lovely rides along the river). Your hosts should be able to steer you in the right direction.
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We are also planning to be in London for 2 weeks in June. We're staying in the Chiswick area which is not far from Richmond.
From what I've been told from members of this message board, Richmond is almost like a farming community, with lovely walks, riding stables, etc.
Kew Gardens was highly recommended.
There are lovely parks in this area as well.
There's a shopping street in Hammersmith, also a short tube ride away.
We don't plan on touring that first day. I think we'd rather get a feel for the area and nurse our jet lag.
Ben Haines and Jo on this message board are a wonderful source for information on this area of London.
Although I'm far from an authority...never having been least yet, I have been researching the area and will be more than happy to help if you'd like to e-mail me.
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Michael Baldwin
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FWIW, I'd avoid any sort of sedentary activity your first day in Europe. You're probably going to be tired, and sitting on a bus for a few hours would just make me sleepy.

Here's how I try to beat the jetlag. Not only do I try to keep the blood flowing, but I also try to get some sun and switch my internal clock to the local schedule.

First off, drop your bags at the hotel.

Head off and find a local cafe -- have breakfast with a few strong cups of coffee/tea.

Set off a walking excursion for a couple hours....just wander. No real destinations.

Then, I have a good lunch -- preferable outside. (Sunlight helps reset your clock.) Another few jolts of caffeine!

I usually try to hit some sites in the afternoon. Something easy -- my first time in Paris I went over to the Eiffel Tower. The afternoon is also a good time to figure out the public transportation, get tickets for things you want to see later. Basically, just think of any time-consuming chores you won't want to do later.

An early dinner and then right off to bed.

Generally, the next day I feel fine and am ready to go!


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