Accomodations legitimate

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Accomodations legitimate

I am leery of making reservations via the internet. Have found some lovely B&B's via the French Connection web. However, how do I know that these particular accomodations are what they say they are? I am sending $ to reserve and have no idea. Any suggestions?
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Randall Smith
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I've always had much better luck just faxing or calling the establishment. I have attempted using the internet in the past and have found it much slower and inconsistant.

When you send a fax you will usually receive a response within several hours depending on the time of day. You can also keep your last fax confirmation to present when you arrive at the accomodation. I've never had a problem doing this and the cost of the Fax to France is nominal.

I would be interested in the experience of others as well.


Randall Smith
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We relied on internet pics to guide us to two hotels in 1998, and were more than satisfied with both. This time around, I booked thru:
and found them to be very speedy and pleasant. I've browsed quite a few of the hotel sites, but like this one especially for its traveller reviews.

Faxing may be the ideal way to book...but calling - THINK AGAIN. Without access to a fax, I called the Netherlands one morning to book...along with a day-before short call when I was told I'd have to call the following day, the total bill was $20. There goes any savings you think you've made in lodging costs.
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I do my research on the internet, but use faxes whenever possible to make my reservations. Reasons: the reply gives me a hard copy confirmation and I don't have to send my credit card number over the internet. Just my choice, but this process has served me well, especially when the establishment for whatever reason has no record of my reservation (it has happened). I present my faxed confirmation when I first enter the facility. Before I had my own fax, I used KINKO's to get my faxing done. Easy process, not terribly expensive (certainly not $20 per transaction). As I recal, it would cost me about $3 per overseas fax. Good luck.
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Have become a EURO fanatic over the past three years and both methods have served me well. It is really a personal choice. You can print a copy of your confirmation by email which is just as hard copy as a fax!!! Have a good trip
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I've been using primarily email for hotel reservations and it's worked beautifully. I personally feel better making my reservation directly with the source. From my experiences, emails are acknowledged almost immediately. Also I keep print outs of all my email correspondence with the hotels just in case. I do not email credit cards numbers, i'll fax that information and request they confirm they have received it by email or fax. So far I have had no problems.
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All above replies are good ones and, yes, definately fax any cc#'s. I was so tempted to email all the info because I do not have a fax machine (my husband borrowed an older, unused one from work just to get this out) but my husband and son-in-law said NEVER email a cc# and my son-in-law who works in the computer field referred to it as 'financial suicide'. He said there is a way computer hacks can trace numbers that long and get your info. Scary!! Anyway, they were so adament that they convinced me. So what ever you do..fax it. But as to your question, a picture is worth a thousand words and as long as you have a confirmation you shouldn't have any trouble.
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the first time i reserved on the net we arrived in winnipeg with NO rooms! Yikes. May have been a fluke but I now phone directly, I want to talk to a human and give them my cc#. We reserved our rooms at arrival and departure sites then found the rest as we went along. Have Fun!

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