Accommodation in Salzburg

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Rita Lee
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Accommodation in Salzburg

My husband and me are planning to visit Salzburg this summer and are looking for accommodation. It seems that the price of the hotels are quite high and we also don't know which side (left bank/old town or the right bank/new town) we should stay. Please advice and please suggest B & B or hotel with fair price.
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I highly recommend Hotel Wolf (not wolf-dietrich). It is in the old town, is small and charming, it is very reasonably priced and included breakfast, and is a good bet for a budget traveller who likes a clean, neat, authentic place to stay. You will find the necessary info in several of the budget guidebooks at your bookstore or library.
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We enjoyed a visit to the Hotel Wolf in June of 1999. I found it in Karen Brown's guide. You can see it at her website or also at Once you park your car, it is a great location for walking all around Salzburg. Don't miss the walk up the hill to the convent where Maria Von Trapp lived and wait till you hear the church bells! Have a great visit!
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I also recommend the Hotel Wolf. It's not large, though, so I would book very early. The location is ideal and the place is sparkling clean and pleasant. I still recall the breakfast room fondly, after two years.
When you drive into town (if you drive), it is confusing because the Hotel Wolf-Dietrich signs are all around. Do NOT follow those, don't even be tempted. As I recall, there are no signs for the Hotel Wolf, but you can find it, despite that.
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Bob Brown
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Unless you are wed to the idea of staying right in Salzburg, the Sallerhof guest house just outside of town comes highly recommended. I am staying there in September.
I understand that transportation from there to the city center is easy.
Last September we stayed at the Zur goldenen Ente (golden duck). I thought it ok room wise and very good food wise.
The breakfast was super. Everything you could want; you can even boil your own eggs.
The old town part is fairly small, so you can wander and get lost without fear of staying lost. We enjoyed that part of it, but there are trade offs.
One thing I suggest is to keep your ears open for the sound of street muscians.
We happened upon a trio of youngsters running through Rossini overtures (La Gazza Ladra among others) who were just fabulous. The lead player had an old accordian that he played like it was an extension of his whole body, and the other two were fingering a mandolin and a bass balalaika. I don't think any of them had any music!! They just played!!

I was disappointed in (disgusted with, infuriated by) the Sound of Music tour I took; too little time anywhere to see anything and the whole narration was packed with commercial messages ad nauseam. After listening to the guide tout Mrs. Brown's strudel in Mondsee to the heavens, we did not even have time to find the place that sold it, much less eat any of it. (So it is a double rip off.)
For what the tour cost us, I could have rented a car for the day, taken a good map, and had ample time to explore the country around Salzburg. A pox on that tour.
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Check out Hotel Elephant (SP?) Middle of downtown and close to everything. Good breakfast and nice modern rooms.
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I second the suggestion of the Hotel Elephant in Salzburg. It is a wonderful location in the old town, close to everything! We were there abut 5 yrs ago but it was very comfortable, and the "flavor" of Salzburg is right out the door. Probably moderate to high in price, though not sure now. Being there in Oct or Nov, we probably got a good price.!!! Some people like the Novotel on the other side of town, and I am sure the rooms are more Americanized.
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We really like the 3-star Hotel Trumer-Stube. Though it is not in the old town, it is only a couple of blocks from it and a couple of blocks from Maribelplatz. The people are very nice and the hotel is comfortable (with elevator). Though there are no prices on the website (, we are staying there in May for 1220 AS ($82), which incudes a good breakfast.
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Hotel Elephant is a thumbs up! My husband and I were in Salzburg for 3 nights during our honeymoon last September. The accomodations were very clean and priced well ($80-100 night).

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