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Feb 2nd, 2019, 12:27 PM
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Cochem is also a third class town and the building above a rather second rank historistic castle. >

Yet of the 1,000 or so American bikers I led thru the Mosel Cochem was one of their favorite stops - third-rate to jaded locals maybe but not to most American tourists and the Mosel is far more beautiful than the Rhine and is a fairly short ride from Mainz. Locals add a lot here but sometimes their jaded advice sucks. Burg Eltz is in many ways nicer than Marksburg though both are two authentic medieval castles. Burg Eltz was so famous in Germany that it used to grace the back of 500 DM banknote before the age of the Euro.
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Feb 2nd, 2019, 01:30 PM
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Look PalenQ, feel perfectly free to reinforce the lack of knowledge of your visitors. They don't know better, you don't know better. All nice and fine a match made in heaven. But please stay out of the game when people are talking who know a bit about the places in question.

Cochem has 60 listed buildings https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_...4ler_in_Cochem with none of the normal buildings predating 1600 and a church that was bombed in WWII. That's an eminently forgettable place. It doesn't even crack the TOP 300 of Germany's old towns.
Also the Mosel is not a fairly short ride because you have to change trains in Koblenz and wait there for the next train. It's two hours till Moselkern from Mainz and then still a long hike up to Burg Eltz. Marksburg is simply easier.
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Feb 2nd, 2019, 01:58 PM
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But please stay out of the game when people are talking who know a bit about the places in question.>Having led a thousand or so bikers thru this area I do know it rather well - even though I have not been recently these overall things never change. You don't go to Cochem for the city but as a nice base to savor the serene beauty of the Mosel Valley. That said it is just over 2 hours each way so from a Mainz base yes rather far for day trip but a great base - and I think Rhine towns like Bingen, not far from Mainz would be a nicer more romantic base that Mainz, a large uneventful city IME.

Anyway I'm out of that. Meyer's Rhine day is already full and his plans are superb - just responding for others who may be planning.

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Feb 2nd, 2019, 01:59 PM
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On cruise day my guess is we'll start at Bengen since it's on the left side and shorter by train. Also, it's right across the river from Rudesheim so shouldn't make much difference.

I guess a good place to get off the boat would be Boppard. If we do that and depending upon what time we take the cruise we may very well wander Boppard on that day.

The day we'd train between towns would have Bacharach and Oberwesel..

I'm wondering if any of the other towns such as St Goar (not St Goarshausen) or Bingen are of interest?

I'm not sure how Marksburg can fit in.
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Feb 3rd, 2019, 03:10 AM
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May be you plan too much in advance.
Board the 9.30 boat at Bingen and hop off/hop on whenever and wherever you like. There are 5 daily boats up to Boppard, 3 of them continue up to Koblenz. They all stop at Assmanshausen, Bacharach, Kaub, Oberwesel, St. Goar and St. Goarshausen.
Combine boats with local trains if that makes sense. There are 39 daily trains between Mainz and Boppard as well as 25 daily trains between Wiesbaden and St. Goarshausen.
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Feb 3rd, 2019, 07:56 AM
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If you take the boat to Koblenz at end of day you can walk to the nearby Deutsches Eck monument and then thru the restored Altstadt or Old Town - lots of restaurants and then thru Koblenz' nice pedestrian shopping street to the station. Otherwise get off at Boppard where trains are a short walk from the boat dock - ending at Koblenz means a few km walk to the train station, which could be neat if into lots of restaurants or shopping.
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Feb 3rd, 2019, 01:24 PM
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Rüdesheim is possibly worth a moment of your time; it's the entrance to the Rheingau and is picturesque. However, it is tourist central, which is both good and bad. Bad because of swarms of tourists (and some hate it for that reason), but good because you have all the tourist infrastructure (a cable car, a central point for wine tasting if you don't have the time to go into the Rheingau (between there and Wiesbaden), a Käthe Wohlfahrt shop for Christmas ornaments, hotels and good restaurants, a stop for the ferries and Rhine cruises and so on). The Rheingau itself is a pleasant and un-touristy foray into Wiesbaden's hinterland; on weekends happy groups of locals walk between the train stations visiting the wineries. I don't think Bingen is worth as much time. There was one poster here (Russ) who used to recommend it regularly because it is closer to Mainz but it's not as pretty. Nearby you also have Kloster Eberbach, where the Name of the Rose was filmed, and Eltville with its ruined castle. You might consider combining a day in the Rheingau with a visit to Wiesbaden, which is also worth some of your time; all accessible by train. I heard they were applying for UNESCO world heritage status for their 19th century neighbourhoods which are beautiful. There are also a few other reasons to visit Wiesbaden - small medieval neighbourhood near the square, the Altes Rathaus, the Russische Kapelle, the Kurhaus (see a concert for maximum effect), the casino, the numerous hot springs bubbling up all over the city (the Bäckerbrunnen is 60C; it's right where the restaurant streets are). If you want a pretty small hotel try Hotel Oranien, which is a brief walk away from the pedestrian zone. An elegant city but skip the museums there.

I think Mainz is a good choice over Frankfurt because it's just that bit closer to the Rhine cruise area. Frankfurt has pockets of charm but Mainz has a reasonably good Altstadt (old city) and is a big city with a compact feel. I was there in July (I visit that part of the world regularly). It is a safe city, and even the area around the train station is OK. Frankfurt has a seedy underbelly near the station, although it has cleaned up its act considerably in the last decade. From Mainz you can access the airport quickly. I don't have anything to say about hotels as I stay near the university when I go and it's not so close into the city. Mainz also has good Roman ruins - be sure to seek them out; there is a museum dedicated to the Roman boats they have found in the Rhine which is top-notch. There is also a Gutenberg Museum and a 1000 year old cathedral.

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Feb 4th, 2019, 03:00 AM
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You may go by local ferry (continuous journeys) from Bingen to Ruedesheim, visit Ruedesheim (Drosselgasse, etc.), take a gondola to Niederwalddenkmal, enjoy the panorama, hike down to Assmannshausen and go on by ferry (either towards Bacharach or to Mainz).
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Feb 4th, 2019, 03:01 AM
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Most of all I love the land of Bavaria! First of all, the people from there are especially warmly situated Secondly, the beauty of nature and landscape are what! Only the locks are worth. I advise you to take the Moselle and Rhine Valley route. There in the hills rise impregnable castles of the 14th century !! Romanesque and Gothic style. Very beautiful. And of course the castles of Neunschwanstein and Linderhof. Ludivg 14 left a big beautiful mark in the history of Bavaria
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