7th Arron Paris--metro access q

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7th Arron Paris--metro access q

We'll be staying in the 7th in May, and looking at the metro maps, it doesn't look like it has very many lines that go through, or that the connection stations are that convenient. Am I reading this wrong? What lines do people take to go over to the Latin Quarter and Marais? sorry if this is a little anal, haha.
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it is a bit anal, but that's ok. There is but one line at Ecole Militaire and Latour Maubourg. Making transfers is quite easy and painless.(Don't have a map in front of me, but I believe you may transfer to line 4, not sure). One line going through an area is not, IMO a reason to change locales. The more lines in a station mean more people and crowds for that area.
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Jimmy Deil
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Yeah, I guess you are being a bit anal about the train thing, but I also guess you can never be more prepared when you are in Paris. But my advice to you is this, wait until you get there! The French are constantly on strike and you never know what is running until you are there anyway!

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Think about taking a bus--I think we rode from St. Michel to the 7th on a single line--very interesting.
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Bob Brown
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I second the motion about taking the bus for two reasons.
One, you can see where you are going and enjoy the sights of Paris.
Two, the Metro to me is distasteful. Long corridors, steps, crowded, and claustrophobic.
Besides, people have volunteered to help me find my way several times when I was on the bus. That never happened on the Metro.
I guess if I had to go from the 20th Arr to the far reaches of the 16th, I would take the Metro. But if a bus goes near there, I prefer it.
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As Gretchen says, buses are often a good alternative to the metro. But since you asked specifically about the metro - you can quite easily get from, say Ecole Militaire, to the Latin Quarter. Just ride one stop south (direction Balard)to La Motte-Picquet Grenelle, transfer to line 10 (direction Gare d'Austerlitz) and exit at Odeon/Cluny La Sorbonne/St.Michel Notre Dame (all connected underground). You could walk from there to the Marais. But if you wanted to go directly to the Marais from Ecole Militaire, you could go north (direction Creteil) to Concorde, transfer to line 1 (direction Chateau de Vincennes) and exit at Hotel de Ville or St. Paul. You can get to within walking distance of just about anything in Paris from Ecole Militaire with no more than one transfer. Try to avoid huge stations like Chatelet as they can often entail lots of walking to make transfers. In some metro stations (not sure if this is the case at Ecole Militaire) there are electronic metro maps where you can push a button for the station you want to go to and your best route will light up on the map - very handy. The Paris metro is really very easy. You will get the hang of it after a couple of rides.
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Nothing wrong with being AR !!! Goodness knows, you've got plenty of company. If you want to get metro info on-line, go to the Subway Navigator.


I think Paris has a great subway. No problem figuring out to get places. I grew up with the 'T' in Boston, so maybe I'm more comfortable dealing with underground systems than other folks.
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The 7th is a rather large area. I can't imagine your being so far from a metro station that you couldn't walk a few blocks to get there, anywhere in the 7th--but that depends on just where you are. Since you didn't say where you are staying, or where you are starting from, other than "the 7th" it's difficult to make specific recommendations.
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Thanks for all the tips. Staying at the champs de mars. I'm a NYer, I take the subway here all the time and so I think in terms of transfer points and handier lines. The bus in NY is extremely slow and not all that handy in most instances, imo. But it does sound nice for Paris. I just thought if I had a grasp of the metro before hand it might save us bumbling around time getting from point a to point b.
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Betty, there is one of those handy electronic metro map thingies in the Ecole Militaire station.

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