3 Italy questions

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3 Italy questions

1)Anybody know what to pack when going to Italy? Am going in March or April, have no clue what the weather is like over there.

2) What's the best way to get to see the Catacombs? Any special tours to take? Any way to see something not normally shown to the public (basement of a museum)?

3) Where's the best place to get wine over there?
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1. See www.worldclimate.com - - whee are you from? and what is the weather where you live in those months. Many part of Europe are very unpredictable in the spring (well, in all four seasons, actually). I would say that Rome (and other nearby parts of Italy) might be pretty similar to Washington, DC (and other nearby parts of Virgina/Maryland) - - in other words, a little of everything, but generally mild, and dependent on altitude.

2. See www.twenj.com for info on the Catacombs and other very good info about Rome.

3. Look for places marked "Enoteca-Bar" - - that's a wine store that also serves. They won't serve you anything and everything they sell (unless, of course, you buy it), but they will often have 4-10 bottles open yo buy by the glass, and you can taste what you are buying from those labels, on that day. Perhaps you mean what REGIONS are best from which to buy wine. That's very muich a function of taste. But my experience has been that many wine stores (in Italy) carry an excellent selection of wines from ALL regions of Italy. I have been happy with wine purchased in Como, Venice, San Gimignano, Assisi and Verona.

On a related note, you can learn something about the general tastes of various Italian wines here in america (besides the obvious method buying and tasting imports). Try some of the wines produced by a collection of California wineries which have banded together as www.cal-italia.org - - I am particularly fond of the offerings from Pietra Santa!

Best wishes,

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1. It rains, take rain gear. You didn't state where you are going, but longitudinally, it is eqal to Washington to San Francisco, with various altitudes. It will not be hot!
2. Always go UNDER the cathedrals and historic buildings, where ever possible. The whole country is built on ruins.
3. where to buy wine? are you kidding?
EVERYWHERE! to take home, go to duty free shops at the airport.
Have fun, and eat all you can. It doesn't get better!
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Well, I can answer a part of one of your questions. You can get tickets to see St. Peters Tomb in the Vatican by writing to [email protected]
This is the only way to see the "Secret tomb"
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I would like to offer my favorite on wine? If you can get there great, if not, go to an enoteca and try Brunello, Montepulciano (Tuscany)which I discovered by accident many years ago (thank goodness!) Orvieto (Umbria) is known for its wines as well.

One suggestion...the October issue of Food and Wine was cover to cover Italy! It has a fabulous easy to read pull out map with all the wine regions of Italy. If you can do some easy research before you go, you'll be prepared for names you'll see.

I travel and research the wine regions often (Leaving next week) feel free to e-mail me directly with direction inquiries to vineyards or any questions!

Ciao and buon viaggo!

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