2nd class trains in Austria

Sep 30th, 1998, 01:39 AM
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2nd class trains in Austria

Is it possible to make reservations if you purchase a 2nd class train pass? Also, are the Austrian trains of the same standard as the German ones? Thanks!
Sep 30th, 1998, 03:52 AM
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Yes, reservations can be made for second class travel. I can't compare with German trains since I haven't travelled in that manner in Germany, but I can say that the train we took from Vienna to Zurich was the nicest one we've ever been on! Super comfortable second class seats.
Sep 30th, 1998, 05:29 AM
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There are two things to ask for when you buy a train ticket in Europe. First you get your ticket, whether roundtrip or one way for the your destination. This is a generic ticket good for any train. Then you reserve a SEAT for a specific date, train and class. If there is supplement for EC or IC trains it is paid at this time.
This procedure holds for both 1st and 2nd class. You can take your chances [as we did the first time because we didn't know any better] that there will be plenty of available seats, but in heavy traffic periods that can be risky especially in 2nd class. There are little cards that are slipped into a small frame to the side of the compartment door indicating which seats are taken.
Normally getting your seat reservation a day or two in advance is sufficient, but in peak periods, again you may run into trouble. And remember other countries have different holidays that the US.
I often use the Oesterich Motor Club in Vienna to get my tickets. They are on the Ring and speak english. There is no extra charge that I can see. Austrian train stations are pretty easy to use though. BTW I think 'seat' is 'platz' in German.
Sep 30th, 1998, 01:16 PM
Ben Haines
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Across Europe, any two-class train that offers first class seat reservations offers also second class reservations. Ditto couchettes and sleepers.

I have used German anmd Autrianm trains annually in the last four years. They are entirely comparable. Just one oddity: those trains that go from Austria through to Budapest, such as the Orient Express and the Zurichersee, and that have restaurant cars (as mosrt do) nearly always have Hungarian restaurant cars, including items with a particularly Hungarian tang. But even that is not so far from German Rail practice: they do a delicious Goulaschsuppe with bread roll.

Please write again if I can help further.

Ben Haines, London

Sep 30th, 1998, 01:33 PM
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Thanks, everyone, for the information. One more question: I know that supplements were NOT required for EC, IC or even ICE trains in Germany with our 1st class train passes. Is this true also for 2nd class passes in Austria (one poster mentioned supplements). Vielen Dank!
Oct 2nd, 1998, 01:50 PM
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Hi! In 2nd class in Austria you almost invariably need a supplement for the "better" trains.

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