2 weeks in spain- need help!

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2 weeks in spain- need help!

My husband and I are going to fly on May 17th to Barcelona(3nights)then and take the train to Granada and spend a few days there. I also want to go to Malaga, Marbella and to Gibraltar to Morrocco for a night. Does that make sense?
from There to seville and maybe cordoba for a night then to Madrid for 2 days? Too much for 2weeks? I want to fly to lisbon from Madrid and spend 2 days there and fly home. Help with my itinerary please..thank you
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Sweet Pea
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we are trying to plan a very similar trip for the exact same time.. haha

One thing i remember from the last time i was in Spain was that to get to the south from barcelona is something like an 8 hour train ride [b/c all trains to the south have to go through madrid - or they used to anyway]. So, i didn't actually bother to go south..i stopped at valencia. I've since heard that the bus is a much better way to travel.

We are planning on Granada, Ronda, Sevilla and Marbella - Cordoba if there's time. I know that to get to Morrocco is quite an adventure so i don't know how long it would take you to get there just for one night.

There are great trains from Madrid to Lisbon and 2 days in lisbon would probably be enough. It has a nice downtown area that easily accessible on foot.

We've been using the Fodors and Frommers books to plan our itinerary.

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Marc David Miller
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You might also consider flying from Barcelona to Sevilla; I did it last January on Air Europa for about $60. From Sevilla you can take a train to Cordoba or Granada.
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Monica, Is this your first time in Spain? I think the 2 days in Lisbon at the end of your trip might be too much. You might want to go back to Portugal in the future and see Lisbon and the coastal towns.

Additionally going to Morocco for only 1 night might be too much too. My guide book says that the Spanish town from which the ferries depart for Morocoo is seedy and unattractive and where the ferry arrives in Morocco is seedy and unattractive. If you really want to go to Morocco you may want to spend a few nights to see the Imperial cities - Rabat, Fez and Marrakesh.

We spent 2 weeks last March in only Andalucia and Extremadura, Spain and we didn't even get to see all the towns that we wanted to see. My suggestion to you is that you narrow down your itinerary to include Barcelona (3 nights), Granada (2 nights), Sevilla (2-3 nights) Cordoba (1 night), somewher in Costa (instead of Marbella or Malaga try Nerja - 1 night). The other 4-5 nights lkeft in your trip, you might consider going to Morocco for a few nights or exploring Catalunya, which has more to offer than just Barcelona.
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Thank you for your responses...I never thought about taking a flight from barcelona to seville...thats a good idea Mark. It is my first trip to spain and I guess i'm too excited about trying to see as much as possible. You suggested not going to Malaga and Marbella?? any reason? to touristy?
Sweet Pea...maybe we can all meet..ha ha..on a train or somthing...its a small world. Should I rent a car for Granada?
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Sweet Pea
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I agree, keep the responses and suggestions coming.
wouldn't it be interesting to meet up?
i think we'll be renting a car - we found that much easier in italy and really enjoy setting our own pace. we also enjoy making unplanned stops if we like the look of a town

we have been told by friends to avoid malaga b/c it's touristy, overcrowded and can be dangerous. the guide books seem to say the same. We had hoped to spend a while on the beach in marbella so any other suggestions would be apprecaited if anyone knows somewhere nicer.

My brother in law has spent some time in spain visiting friends and learning the language. he has helped us work out our itinerary - he suggested granada over cordoba and agreed with staying away from malaga..poor malaga - i'm sure it has some nice features. HA

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Where do you live? have you gotten your airfair to spain yet? I am looking into british Airways from LA to Barcelona. Any ideas?
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If me recollection is correct, the trip from Gilbraltar to the ferry is fairly short. Morocco overnight is a worthwhile day trip. It's fairly safe but watch out for "guides". (We were approached by a man in a suit with an official looking "Tourism" badge.) Seville is wonderful. Barcelona is, too. I like whirlwind trips, but you might consider condensing your itinerary some.

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Jay did you stay overnight in morocco? what hotel if so?
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Sweet Pea
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We're in Canada - flying from Toronto.
we're looking at charter flights...so far it's around $800 CDN.
we're okay with taking a flight into a major city and then taking the train to our destination. I have flown to italy on Ryan Air - very cheap - from the UK.

i think this is what we've worked out so far.

5 nights on the beach - with day trips
2 nights in Ronda
3 nights in Seville
2 nights in Granada
back to the beach or to cordoba if there's time.
we like to have a home base and take day trips rather than travel everyday. We did hectic backpacking through europe thing which was great but tiring.
On a recent trip to italy we found that some days all we wanted to do was walk, sleep and eat HA. So, we don't want to plan too much. This way we can also add cities if we finish one early...or drive slowly through a region on our way to another destination. isn't traveling fun!?

I would have to say Spain was one of the countries that surprised me most on my last visit. There is so much culture and style...such different climate and scenery from region to region and the people were so kind and helpful!!

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