2 weeks in Europe- Need Itinerary Help

Feb 18th, 2014, 07:17 AM
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2 weeks in Europe- Need Itinerary Help

We are hoping to go to Europe this summer (nothing is set in stone, but it seems likely). There will be four of us: 2 adults, 2 teenagers. Originally, I was hoping to go for 3 weeks. However, now that seems unlikely. 2 weeks (and possibly 18 days) seems more likely. Before I was hoping to visit Paris, Rome, Venice, Prague, and Florence. Now I'm thinking more Paris-Prague-Rome. Here's what my itinerary would look like:

18 days
Paris (7 days)- I hoping to see Versailles, the Louvre, etc. I saw this post, and think a trip like that could work for us: http://www.themuse.com/advice/5-perfect-days-in-paris
Prague ( 4 days)- Prague is beautiful, but I think that 4 days is enough.
Rome (7 days)- Would like to see the major sites, as well as some interesting but less popular ones.

2 weeks
Paris ( 5 days)
Prague ( 4 days)
Rome ( 5 days)

Does this seem reasonable?
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Feb 18th, 2014, 08:13 AM
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It's reasonable given what you want to cover in the time available. I certainly would not suggest less time per place. More time would of course be preferable.
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Feb 18th, 2014, 01:16 PM
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Looks perfect to me!
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Feb 18th, 2014, 02:02 PM
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Yes that's most definitely reasonable. Looks like a nice trip.
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Feb 19th, 2014, 08:11 AM
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I agree - looks great! Look at low cost european airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet for airfare between cities.
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Feb 23rd, 2014, 06:55 PM
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To update this, my family has now decided that a week in Rome is too long, and as two of them have been before 10+ times, I decided to edit out itinerary.

Here's what it looks like now:
Paris- Three of us will probably be spending 6 days there, and the other member of our group will arrive on the fourth day and spend 2 days in Paris (they've been many times before, so 2 days will be plenty for them).
Rome- 5 days
Prague- 4 days
Vienna/Florence/Berlin (having a hard time deciding which...): 3 days

I realize we will lose time traveling. I told everyone else that, but they seem to believe that this is better itinerary. Thoughts?
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Feb 24th, 2014, 06:25 AM
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Again, it's your time and your dime. I personally would not move that much in that short a period of time. You've now added another day lost to moving. But if you've already had that discussion among yourself, what's the point of asking anyone here what they think about it? Who cares what some strangers think?

I do have a question for you though. You say that some of you have been to Paris and Rome before and are having a hard time deciding between Vienna/Florence/Berlin. Yet you say nothing about your interests, so how do you expect anyone to suggest one over the other as being a better fit for your interests?

I would also ask why you only list cities? Is that because you are only interested in things found in cities?
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Feb 24th, 2014, 08:42 AM
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I agree with you and would not start adding places just because you shortened your time in Rome.

But with a group trip, I feel you need to do what the majority wants to do.
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