10 day Croatia itinerary - please advise

Aug 24th, 2007, 10:20 AM
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10 day Croatia itinerary - please advise

Any feedback/advice in the next couple days on the following would be most appreciated, thanks! Also,how easy is it to wing-it getting hotels the day-of in Croatia in early September?

Day 1-take ferry from Venice to Rovinj and explore
Day 2-take bus (later in day) to Pula and explore
Day 3-fly from Pula (later in day) to Dubrovnik
Days 4 & 5-explore Dubrovnik
Day 6-leave Dubrovnik 10am on ferry and arrive Hvar at 4pm (I also have option to fly to Split, is the all-day ferry ride a good way to spend the day?)
Day 7- Hvar (have option to take boat back to Split to spend a night or spend 2 nights in Hvar?)
Day 8- Morning boat to Split, explore during the day, and fly to Zagreb that night
Days 9 & 10- Explore Zagreb
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Aug 24th, 2007, 12:43 PM
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Days 1-3 might be a little rushed, but then I have never been to Istria.
There's no need to fly from Dubrovnik to Split. If you don't want to spend all day on the ferry, then you could take a 4.5 hour bus. The scenery is nice either way, but in summer the ferry probably wins out. Boating through the islands is gorgeous, but I get antsy being on the ferry that long myself.
After all that travel, I'd spend 2 nights in Hvar--it is more about relaxation and you'll see Split the next day.
September has traditionally been the end of high season, but I suspect the season may extend a bit nowadays. You shouldn't be out of luck on rooms though.
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Aug 24th, 2007, 12:51 PM
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I too would go with two days in Hvar. it's very beautiful and relaxing. We did the ferry and enjoyed it though you will want a book with you. Zagreb sometimes gets little respect but we found it interesting with a nice cafe vibe so I think it could hold your attention for two days. The market looked like it would be fantastic in full swing. I'd say your trip is well planned. Enjoy it. I just hope for your sake that the cruise ships are not dumping loads of day trippers on dubrovnik while you are there. The day we were there on a cruise our ship was one of 3 or more and it was just too much for the tiny town to absorb. May they be at sea while you are on land.
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Aug 24th, 2007, 01:02 PM
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IMHO, I think 2 days in Zagreb is 1 too many. Personally, I'd spend another day in Dubrovnik or on one of the islands.
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Sep 2nd, 2007, 04:23 AM
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Hello obersee1,

You may already be well on your way.
We're in our late 40s/early 50's.... We were in Croatia in June. I would definitely cut out Zagreb except for travel nite, and give one more day to somewhere else on your itinerary.

We saw many many many sobes everywhere we went. It seems that in September you shouldn't have a problem winging it, except for Dubrovnik. Even Hvar has lots of places.

Hotels, unless very expensive, did not attract us.

Have a great trip!
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Sep 2nd, 2007, 04:49 AM
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I was in Croatia last October which is the best time of year to go there. It's cheaper and still warm generally for most of the early to mid part of the month along the coast. The throngs of tourists are much thinner than in the summer time. There's an excellent ferry/ cruise ship system from Italy (Venice and Trieste) to Croatia. When I went I flew from the States to London and ended up taking a BA flight out of Manchester to Dubrovnik. I spent most of my time in Dalmatia. Dubrovnik is stunning. A bit touristy but beautiful. Eat at the Konoba Marco Polo. Some of the best food in town. There's also a stunning little vista on the south wall of the fortress that is simply marked "cold drinks". A great place to sip a beverage and watch the sun set. Take trips out to the islands if you have a chance. Lokrum island is just out in the bay and a nice place to hike. From there I took a bus to Korcula which is a smaller version of Dubrovnik and, at that time of year, a very quite little town. If you go there you must eat at the Konoba Adio Mare. Then I took a ferry to Hvar which is a nice little Venetian style harbor town. Some of the best wine in the country is made there and it's where the lavender farms are. From there I took a ferry to Split. Some people like Split. It wasn't my cup of tea. It's a large, dirty, port town with only one interesting feature (the Diocletian Palace) and that can be seen in a couple of hours. There are surprisingly few places to eat in Split, but I would recommend the Restoran Sarajevo. From there I took a bus to Trogir. A great little town with lots of wonderful food and an outdoor market that shouldn't be missed. From there I took the bus to Zadar. There's really not much to see there. Again, some people like it, I didn't. From there I went to Zagreb which is a great city. Lots of wonderful museums. Then I took the train to Budapest, spent a few days, and flew out of there. If you find yourself in Croatia on October 8th it's Croatian Independence day which is not a bad time of year to go. This year I'm going again in October. Starting in Vienna and working my way through Slovenia to Istria, the Kvarner gulf, down to Dalmatia again, and out through Mostar and Sarajevo. General pieces of advice and know how: (1. Almost everybody under 50 speaks great English, but it's always nice to know a little polite Croatian. (2. Stay at private rooms (sobe) as much as you can. They are cheap and a good way to get to know the people. (3. The tourist offices know everything about the area particularly good advice about getting from one town to the next. The ferry schedules are more limited that time of year and are pretty complicated without a little help. Buses are often the best way to get around. Driving can be quite scary along the Adriatic Highway.(4. The seafood is great. So is the sir (cheese) and prsut (ham). The meat leaves a bit to be desired along the coast, but it's better inland. The wine can be very hit and miss (much of it tastes corked). Whites are often better than reds. The beer is pretty good. (5. Croatians pride themselves on being rather stoic so they can seem a bit standoffish at times, but they are all quite hospitable and wonderful people. They are the perfect hosts. They give you exactly the advice you need and then stay out of your way until you ask them for more advice. Once they get to know you they are quite friendly and warm. They have a wonderful tendency to break out into song at fairly random times. (6. Of the Catholic countries that I've been to Croatia is the most Catholic. They practice a very old world style of Catholicism. Be very respectful going into churches, dress appropriately, and keep in mind that not everything is going to be open on Sunday. (7. Beach is a very loose term in Croatia. Most of them are gravel or just an outcropping of rocks that go into the ocean. Very few natural sand beaches. You need to wear water shoes (not just sandals). There are lots of sea urchins. (8. Croatia is the safest place I've ever traveled. You should always watch out for pickpockets in the tourist areas, but there is no violent crime to be heard of. You can generally walk anywhere at night without any problems. Even into dark little alleys. (9. If you go hiking anywhere just check with the locals to make sure there aren't any land mines near by. They generally have a good idea where they are and have marked them if they are anywhere in the area. Southern Dalmatia isn't too bad for this (there's a little bit around the hills in Dubrovnik), but up between Split and Zadar apparently can be a little dicey in spots so ask the locals where not to go if you want to walk off the beaten path.
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