1 week travel to Spain with toddlers...

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1 week travel to Spain with toddlers...

I would be travelling to Spain with my wife and 2 toddlers. Can anyone suggest the best of Spain that we can cover in that time. We don't really care about the beaches and paintings, but are admirers of monuments and natural beauty.
Also, is it better to rent a car or should I rely more on public transportation and organied tours? Since my kids are 9-month old twins, would it be better to take a twin stroller or take 2 umbrella strollers??
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Well, tell us more about what your infant twins would like to see. For instance, do they prefer a more cosmopolitan urban experience, or would they be happier roughing it outdoors? Do they speak fluent Spanish such that they would be comfortable in the countryside, or would they be happier speaking English in the big cities? As for organized tours, do they tend to ask a lot of questions, or would they prefer to hang back quietly with the rest of the tour group?

Most important, will anyone take this troll seriously? Hmmm.
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Wow!! That was rude. Smart asses like him/ her should resist from misusing public forums. I wonder if his/ her parents treated him like trash whenever they travelled. Clearly, Anon has a good reason to mask his/ her email address. Not only is this piece of s*** rude, but a coward as well.
As for you PG, I have sent a detailed email at your email address about my experience travelling with my family
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I would suggest getting a car. My friend had her 4 children in Madrid without her husband and we had a rough time. I was living there but public transportation was a nightmare and the taxis wouldn't take her when she wanted to venture out. I think you'd be much more comfortable lugging your things in a car. As for the strollers- I think thats up to you. My friend had a double because she was by herself. A double didn't pose any problems. I would stay away from tours because you don't have the flexibility you may need with the children. If you're not interested in beaches and paintings, I would get out of the city and explore some of the smaller villages. The Spanish love children and will smile and awe over the twins (especially if they're blondes). In one week you could go to Toledo, Segovia, Avila, La Granja etc. if you wanted to stay around Madrid. You could even rent a casa rural for a week and do day trips from there.
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Insuffient time to tour + two infants + lack of interest in suitable activities for babies + naive questions about organized tours with babies = TROLL.

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