How cold in Britain & Ireland in June?

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How cold in Britain & Ireland in June?

Hi, well as you can see, I've still got questions about my June trip. Will be in Wales than Ireland and then over to Scotland the first 2 weeks of June (will finish up in London). I wanted to know just how cool it can get in June. I'm bring a suede jacket (un-lined) and a sweater vest for underneath. Will it be enough for the hills? I will be on a tour bus most of the time but we do plan lots of walking. Also, will the rains ruin my jacket? Never had a suede one before,(on an old Seinfeld, Jerry ruined his new suede jacket in the rain!) Anyone have any info on the weather or my jacket? Seems like a sort of foolish question, but I know that quite a few of you could help. Who else!?!
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I have been in Ireland in the months of May, June,July and September. The weather is as varried as the country. I would be sure to take a full lightweight raincoat and umbrella. I wouldn't want to ruin a good suede jacket. We have experienced weather in both England, Scotland, and Ireland that was very warm to VERY cold in the different months that we were there. In Ireland, one Sept. my husband golfed in shirt-sleeves one day and the next day was drenched in an Irish gale. Last May. I was in London for one week-- one day was Hot; four days there were sprinkles and one day it poured all day. Prepare for the worst and if you don't need any of it, you will be fortunate.
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The above comments were pretty accurate. I would just add that how truly bad it gets while you're walking depends on how high up you go. In Ireland, for instance, there are no extreme elevations, but in hiking White Mountain/Hill? (just south of Dublin the the Wicklow Mountains) in early June last year, the weather went from very pleasant (mid-60s--I was in shorts and a t-shirt), to freezing rain and snow within 3 hours of hiking. I had my waterproofs on, but unfortunately no gloves or a hat other than a hood.

As the last poster said, be prepared for ANYTHING.
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A joke told to me by an Irishman ...

What follows two wet days in Ireland?

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Hi Alma, I think you will have to be careful with your suede coat as they can mark badly when wet. However, there are (in Australia anyway) several products you can buy to spray on which then provide some waterproofing - such as you can do for shoes. This may be worth a try.
We have also been in the UK in June, and as with everyone else experienced just about every kind of weather, but on the sunny days it was quite hot!
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I would leave my UNLINED SUEDE jacket at home and take something more useful.
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Alma, un unlined suede jacket is definitely NOT the best thing to bring. While there are products that can spray on and 'protect' leather and suede, they really don't help you if you actually get caught in the rain (they help more to preserve sude and leather from normal use, minor splashes, etc.). If you get caught in so much as one rainstorm, your suede jacket will most likely be ruined...and not only will it look bad, but it will become stiff and uncomfortable...leaving you with no jacket for the ramainder of your trip. Also, suede (and leather for that matter) are quite heavy compared with other fabrics of equal warmth. It will make your luggage substantially heavier and bulkier than it needs to be.

It is my experience that the basics are a much better bet...if you have a simple lightweighty windbreaker that can protect you against wind and rain, layer it over a sweater or sweatshirt and you should be fine. Plus, it can be useful over a t-shirt in warmer cities, while ther suede will be too hot in some places in June.

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