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1 month Europe multi-country itinerary help

1 month Europe multi-country itinerary help

Jan 17th, 2014, 07:47 AM
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Well 8 hotels is definitely better than 11 SIG925.

Most people have a 'bucket list' and try to shoehorn that list into a given amount of time. I always suggest taking the opposite approach. Decide how many places you have time to visit and then pick that many places from your list.

So for example if you use 4 nights/3 full days as a yardstick, your 30 days minus your arrival and departure day which are basically a right off would be enough time to visit 7 places. I think 4 nights is a MINIMUM number of nights per place. Most people would say that Rome or Paris or London for example, need more than that to do them justice.

So for me, 28 days would be enough time for no more than 6 stops which also allows a bit of time for day trips which obviously take time away from the place you are staying. You can't say you have 3 days in Florence for example if you take a day to do a day trip somewhere.

Anywhere that you are thinking of spending less than 4 nights is obviously not top of your list to begin with. Where you are thinking of less than 4 nights and including day trips even within that less than 4 night time frame(ie. Bruges), even more questionable as a stop. I'd try to combine more of those together from a single base OR drop some altogether.

For example, it doesn't look like you particularly want to spend any time in Munich. You say 3-4 nights with two day trips elsewhere. So that's either no day or 1 day actually in Munich. A 2 night stop in Rothenburg just to spend one day there is another questionable idea. You've hardly unpacked before you are packing again. Why bother?

The motivation is always the same. The common phrase is 'too see as much as possible' (expressed in one way or another, you use 'bucket list'). The problem is people confuse the word 'much' with the word 'many'. They are not synonymous. The way to see/do as MUCH as possible, is to spend time IN places, not in BETWEEN places. Move less, see/do much more.

Cutting your stops to 7 (not adding an 8th) from 11 is a good start. I'd try to cut it by one or two more still for best use of time.

For example, one full day in Bruges is pretty short I'd say. You are on a vacation after all. One day to see the main sights OK, but why not take two days and see them more slowly and in more depth. A visit to the 'Half Man' brewery for example can take you from 11am (tour) and then lunch till 1pm. Then a stroll around and a stop for a desert and coffee somewhere else. Voila, it's 3pm already.

Who can visit Belgium without trying a Belgian beer or two? http://www.halvemaan.be/index.php?id=5&L=2

On day two, a stroll down the main shopping street and stopping in to sample some Belgian chocolates. Walk over to the park and have a picnic with some 'street food'. Who knew there was a museum for 'frites' in Bruges worth a visit and that 'Belgian Waffles' come in 2 kinds. Bruges waffles or Brussels waffles, not the same at all.

Clearly, there is more than enough to see and do in Bruges for several days if you take the time and don't let your 'bucket list' rush you on to somewhere else. The same is true of course of any place you choose to visit in Europe.
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Jan 17th, 2014, 02:51 PM
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adrienne - your position on this itinerary design exclusively reflects your subjective opinion on what constitutes "seeing" something and how one should travel properly. I and many others reject those ideas. If someone wants to travel at a rapid place, I try to help them understand the logistics and the best ways to accomplish their goals. That may make them change their plans, or not. I don't tell them their desires and dreams are wrong. Idon't suggest they fail to comprehend the concepts of time, distance and packing. They aren't me and I don't presume that they want to see or do what I do.

I would love to hear a reasoned explanation as to why you think the way you do something is the way others should do it. Something other than "just trying to help" or "give them the benefit of my experience" or "trying to help them not ruin their vacation".

Do you think one should presume to order someone elses food, buy their clothes, or select their friends? I really don't see much difference in the concept. Something about having traveled a lot makes certain people think they have all the answers. No doubt they have a wealth of information that is very useful to others but "You're doing it wrong" doesn't qualify as help, in my opinion.
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Jan 17th, 2014, 03:11 PM
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sarge56 makes a good point - taking the train to Venice rather than Milan is a faster route. About 6:30 (o connections on a couple of trains) to Venice and 7:17 (1 connection in Verona) to Milan. Going to Verona would be even faster since it is the connection point for most of the Milan and Venice trains. You can take an overnight train to either of the - the Munich - Venice one has no changes but to Milan there is one in Verona. However, Venice is farther from CT than Milan - 2:45 versus 3:50 - so you essentially lose the hour or so you picked up on the train. If, you are going to add Venice to the trip, then sarge56 has a great idea.

Working that possibility into your most recent iteration, and adjusting a day or two (and a suggested splitting of Tuscany from Florence as a stop give the following suggestion;

Amsterdam - 4
Brugge - 3 (day trip to Ghent)
Rothenburg - 2 (1 full day, remember)
Munich - 4 (day trips to Salzburg & Neuschwanstein)
Venice - 3 (pick up car when leaving)
CT - 2
Tuscany - 3
Florence - 3 (drop car on arrival for a total of 6 days rental)
Rome- 5

That is 29 nights, leaving 1 unaccounted for, I believe. That may be the overnight train to Venice or something you can add to someplace as you do more research and find what you simply don`t have enough time for in one of your other selected sites.

If you like the idea of one stop in TuscanyFlorence, then you could turn it into 5 or 6 nights in a Tuscan town (keep the car!) and add the potential extra night (6 are in the itinerary) to somewhere else using the same logic as above.
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Jan 17th, 2014, 04:54 PM
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Actually, Aramis, I was hinting at leaving off the CT altogether. If OP decides CT is a must, there is no point in picking up a car until she gets to Florence. I've never driven it, but I'm sure it is faster on the bullet train than driving (from Venice to Florence).

I think the CT is probably best in summer. Therefore, Venice is a great alternative.
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Jan 17th, 2014, 06:17 PM
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Wow, 30 days In Europe sounds lovely! We are lucky to get 18 these days. I just wanted to add that while travel changes after having kids, it doesn't have to cease. We have two children, ages 3 and almost 1. The 3 year old is a special needs child. We traveled to Greece when he was 7 months, Italy at 19 months, and all over the western US with both this past summer (2.5 yrs and 5-6 months). It's slower and it's different, but still very worth it in our experience.
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Jan 18th, 2014, 08:12 AM
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I've never driven it, but I'm sure it is faster on the bullet train than driving (from Venice to Florence)>

bullet trains don't go to Venice yet - the new high-speed capable tracks only go to Bologna - the rest of conventional tracks at conventional speeds - not the nearly 180 mph or so on true high-speed railways that require an all-new rail line, yet to be built to Venice.
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