One Ocean Scam

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One Ocean Scam

One Ocean Expeditions management has some unfair and unethical pricing system. Very careful not to be ripped off with them!!! Or any agency who is working with them. One must be very careful not to be ripped of by One Ocean. They change the price that they charge you from person to person. For some people they just upgrade without any given reason so even if you have paid the same amount you can stay in a worse room then another person who have paid the same or less amount then you are. Considering the price difference between the rooms, it is a good rip off method. Different price for different people.

The crew on board are helpless and do not bother to help you in any pricing issue. The expedition crew is very good and informative regarding to the wildlife. But the hotel management is very poorly managed and One Ocean has very big lacking on fair, equal approach to the passangers.

Passanger on board
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Specifics please.

Quite commonly passengers on cruise ships pay different prices. Sometimes its because their TA got a group booking, other times there have been flash promotions and you are in the right time in the right place and another example is when you book. Later bookings on a cruise that looks like it will fill up can be more or less if the opposite is true. This is very common on all cruise lines.

Upgrades often go out to previous passengers to reward loyalty. There are reasons for doling out upgrades. Your name is not drawn from a hat you know. How do you know an upgrade was given without any reason any reason? ?

What ship are you on as you write this "passenger on board" , what is the itinerary, what is your cabin number, etc. Lets hear some specifics.
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Reasons for upgrades.

When you booked, did you book a specific cabin? If so, that is it, no changes. You know exactly what you are getting. You are safe, you get the cabin and location you choose.

There is another option. Book a guarantee catagory cabin. You pay the cheapest price for that category, certainly less than what you paid to have a set cabin.

What that means though, is that you will get a cabin that is that price or if cabins in that category are sold out or if one is available, a better cabin. So, when you do the guarantee cabin, you take a chance on getting the worst one in that category or an upgrade.

We have picked specific cabins when we wanted to be beside DD and DGD.
By ourselves, we have done guarantee category. Once we got a nice upgrade from inside to a beautiful window cabin. Obviously others paid much more for similar cabins. Once we got just about the tiniest, off in the darkness of what would be the basement of the ship. So other people who paid the same or a tiny bit more than us, but picked their cabins, got better cabins. I have a friend who booked a guarantee large balcony. Since most people pick specific balconies and she didn't, she was upgraded to the owner's suite. Once in a life time! Boy, was I jealous!

If you have cruised before with a particular company (not necessarily that ship), the company may offer a good price or perk to try to entice you to return.

If it is close to sail date and there is a cabin or two not sold, they may offer it at a big discount. Just good luck for someone who decided at the last minute, or who saw the sale.

People also get discounts for age, military service, state they are from, career, etc.

You don't know what the deal was for them.

Don't know about your smaller ship, but the big cruise ships change prices based on sales. If cabins aren't selling, the price goes down to encourage sales. If they start selling well, the price may go back up. Quite a bit of flux. Really, best not to ask what anybody else paid. Make the best choice for yourself and live with it.

Also, the crew has nothing to do with selecting cabins. What would you expect them to do?

At least, you had a good time.
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And will the OP be back??
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I wonder if the OP knows abut airline pricing...
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Oh, yes. The airline pricing can drive you nuts. I was on one day and while I paused to check dates with someone else, actually had the costs change.

I just got a nice upgrade on a cruise cabin. I won't be sharing that with people in cabins on either side of me.
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He dredged up a 4 year old thread to post the same drivel. No specifics of any sort.
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Apparently Antarctica based on the old thread and the name of the company.
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