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Never ship luggage via International Port Services (IPS)

Never ship luggage via International Port Services (IPS)

Nov 22nd, 2007, 08:01 AM
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Never ship luggage via International Port Services (IPS)

My wife & I booked a cruise aboard Regent Voyager leaving Funchal (Madeira) Nov. 11th & ending in Ft Lauderdale Nov. 19th.

Since I am physically unable to muscle baggage I contacted firms shipping bags to cruise ships. I made plain to each that delivery was required on Sunday (11/11), & that, if missed, there was no later port at which to catch us; we would be at sea 11/11 to 11/19.

IPS assured us repeatedly on both counts.

IPS picked up our bags on Oct. 22nd- a full 20 days before promised delivery! After pickup I learned that, while I wanted to ship luggage 3000 miles EAST, IPS began by shipping it 3000 miles WEST, to their office in Auburn, WA, adding 6000 miles & much needless time & handling to the journey.

IPS made much of allowing customers to track their luggage through the entire process, providing tracking numbers to do so. I tried them as instructed 7 times over 4 days. They never worked.

Instead, I called IPS 10 days after pickup to learn where our bags were but was told only that they were "in transit"- a ridiculous, noninformative statement. Of course they were 'in transit', from the moment they left our door. I wanted the particulars promised but could only get a bored, useless repetition of "in transit".

We left early on Nov. 9th. Having heard nothing by Nov 8th, we pressed for details, & at 7:30 PM on 11/8 were told by Jim Wilson of IPS that our bags were in Frankfurt & would not be delivered to the ship. (Our travel agent called shortly afterward & said he had told her our bags were in Montreal.)

We were forced to spend the trip without our clothes. IPS supplied a total of $1000 in shipboard credits to purchase essentials, but these were all but unavailable in the ship;s store- eg, no underwear, socks, dress shirts, shoes, dresses, etc etc for either of us. It was a tiny fraction of the value of our clothes or of the $2000 in extra insurance I had purchased on the IPS website.

(Regent however did itself proud, immediately offering free daily laundry, cleaning & pressing service, picked up each morning & returned the same evening.)

IPS finally promised to return the bags to our home on Nov 21st. Calls on the afternoon of the 21st finally drew the admission that no such delivery would be made. Wilson now stated that final delivery would be made to our home on Nov 26th. (At the same time, his office said our bags would only be shipped on the 26th, for delivery...??)

Please note that never once did IPS call to tell us that a promised delivery would not be made. Each time it required persistent pressure, from us & our travel agent, to learn the truth at the very last moment.

We found IPS to be as incompetent as they are indifferent. They never made the slightest effort to track our luggage (or allow us to do so) until matters were entirely out of hand. (Wilsom admitted over the phone that he only discovered our bags were astray the afternoon of Nov 8th.)

We await the 26th with some dread, no longer able to accept any of IPS's promises & fearing the condition in which we will find our expensive clothes if & when they are ever returned to us.

My wife & I hope that this account will help others to avoid falling into the hands of this awful company.

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Nov 22nd, 2007, 09:28 AM
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You obviously went to much trouble to do everthing right and this company let you down on every account. I am so sorry that your cruise was marred by the incompetent,inefficient,and indifferent treatment you received from IPS. You bet I won't ever consider using their services.
Happy Thanksgiving...at least you and your wife didn't travel via IPS
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Nov 22nd, 2007, 10:52 AM
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I am so sorry to hear what a terrible experience you had with IPS. That is tragic and what a way to ruin your cruise! Thank goodness Regent helped in any way they could with doing your laundry daily.

We have used IPS on several occassions on Regent World Cruises. (luckily we were not paying, Regent paid). I'm realizing how fortunate we were to have had nothing go wrong....but again, our bags were only shipped to Ft. Lauderdale and back to Southern California.

I have heard others complain that when they weighed their bags to carefully check the weight, IPS came in with a different weight like 10lbs more thus $$$.

I'm happy you posted your experience so others can be warned. What would anger me the most is their lack of concern!
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Nov 22nd, 2007, 12:16 PM
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They are also the luggage shipper of Holland America. I know 8 people had to start a 65 day cruise (the first 6 at sea,) without their luggage. I haven't heard yet just how long they were without it.

Stories of damaged luggage are out there too. I'm sure they do hundreds of shipments just fine - but it doesn't help the non luggage people one bit.!!

I'm going to FedEx my luggage across country to another FedEx office and pick it up myself !! I've already priced it - not too bad.
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Nov 23rd, 2007, 06:13 AM
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ellape I was devasted for you as I read your post. It ceases to amaze me at how some compaines treat you like your an idiot. I was have been stressed through the ceiling if I was going through that nightmare before during and after the trip.

We leave for a cruise soon and Princess cruises sent us info about having our luggage shipped to the dock. Of course I would never spend (or afford) to send luggage to Port [email protected] a piece.

We had 5 boxes of gifts (for children's homes)UPS to our hotel in Key Biscayne. Then we will repack them into a huge duffel bag to transfer to cruise ship with us. I was thinking of having it shipped to the Princess cruise dock but didn't.

I'm glad your home safely and it sounds like Regent did the right thing.
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Jan 19th, 2008, 12:38 PM
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Updating on this thread....

Although I personally have not had trouble with IPS and everything went perfect, I understand that they really "dropped the ball" on the 2008 Regent World Cruise. There were many passengers who didn't get all of their bags and have gone for almost 2 weeks without them. Luckily, it sounds like most passengers got some of their bags, just not all of them. I guess they were picking up bags for Regent Voyager, Regent Mariner as well as HAL World Cruise and all 3 ships experienced some problems. Probably each others bags ending up on one of those 3 ships.
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