Cruising Pet Peeve - at the Buffet Table

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Cruising Pet Peeve - at the Buffet Table

I just returned from cruising the Southern Caribbean on the Dawn Princess. While overall the cruise was fine - I have to comment on one thing I saw several times on this cruise - passengers eating at the buffet line. Over and over I would observe "sampling" direct from the buffet tables. Very gross and unappetizing. I wish the cruise lines would make a better attempt to discourage this, especially in light of recent shipboard illnesses, i.e,. Norwalk, etc. Any thoughts from my fellow cruisers?
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If they're putting it on their plate and using their own fork to take a bite, I don't see anything wrong with that. If they're eating off the serving spoon or sticking their fork in the bins, then that's wrong.
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I have to disagree with you GoTribe. If for example (and I did see this happening) someone is eating with their own fork at the buffet, then afterwards adding food to their already-eaten-from plate, do you not see a problem here?
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I am not a picky eater, but if I was unsure of what I wanted, I would get small amounts (with the proper utensils), go sit down and try them, decide what I liked, then go back to get my meal. The way I was brought up, I wouldn't dream of doing that...Ironically my sister pointed out to me recently, as we are now both in our 30's, that while Mom & Dad didn't always have money, we were instilled with manners and she began to not like to hang out with alot of her "rich friends" because they didn't have any. I thought that was an interesting observation on her part. After, I noticed I have better manners than almost anyone I know....just depends how you are brought up I think.
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I agree with you jammy, it is amazing how poor peoples manner are these days.

I have a similar pet peeve that I often see in (fast food) restaurants. As the persons tray is prepared with their food, they start eating from it right there at the counter, before they go to the table.
I know, there's no health hazard here since its there own food. It just bothers me that so many see nothing wrong with poor manners.
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I've seen people sticking their bare hands in the lemon bowl next to the iced tea numerous times. No lemons for me! I've watched people sneeze, wipe their nose & then grab onto the handrail. I guess thats why the Norwalk virus spreads so quickly in cruise ships!
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This thread is cracking me up. Some of you sem like Howard Hughs! Of course people sneeze and use that same slimy hand to touch things (such as the handrail). It is a fact of life - deal with it.

I doubt that voicing the pet peeve on this website will ever change some of these people's actions.

Granted, some people honestly are simply ignorant and do not understand sanitation issues.

For example, how about those people who let their kids wear diapers into the pools??
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