Cruises to Alaska

Dec 5th, 2013, 10:55 AM
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Cruises to Alaska

I have heard so many good things about cruising to Alaska but have a hard time understanding how Alaska is so great...isn't it just ice and cold there? My friend is going on a RCI cruise from Seattle to Alaska and back on the Rhapsody ( and I was wondering if anyone has taken this cruise and can give me some info about it? Did you take any shore excursions? What would you recommend?

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Dec 5th, 2013, 02:49 PM
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Oh, no, it isn't cold and icy all the time. If you like wildlife, nature, gorgeous mountains, spectacular glaciers and ice floes, beautiful scenery, eagles and raptor birds, bears, natural beauty, great seafood, it is a magnificent place! However, I would look at Princess Cruises or Holland America Line for your cruise AND look at doing a northbound/southbound between Seward and Vancouver. Those cruise lines have been doing Alaska cruises for 50+ years and provide knowledge and infrastructure to all the cruise lines. They know it BEST! Also, you miss half of Alaska (arguably the most beautiful parts) if you do a round-trip Inside Passage itinerary.

Have a great day!
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Dec 5th, 2013, 03:13 PM
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The same can go for what's the attraction going to the Caribbean as it is just heat and sand!? Okay, heat is probably a bit more attractive than cold ... burr ....

Alaska is full of unspoiled natural wonders, sceneries that you not find within the lower 48. It is also hospitable and safe (and I can't say that about the Caribbean, especially the safe part)

If you have never been to Alaska, just a round trip cruise would not do it justice but it would be a good start. We have to been to Alaska 3 times in 5 years (most recently this summer) and is planning another trip next spring.

You can go on an Alaskan cruise on the cheap if you don't want to spend too much money, especially on the shore excursions.

You may want to search through the forum here on what other people had posted re Alaska. You are not the first, and won't be the last that ask that same exact question.

Below is a link to my trip report posted here re our last Alaska trip this past summer
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Dec 11th, 2013, 03:02 AM
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Although we didn't take a cruise, we spent 19 days in Alaska one summer and had an amazing time. I was surprised that we never got tired of the glaciers. The weather wasn't cold, and some days we wore shorts.
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Dec 11th, 2013, 04:49 AM
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What time of year do all of you think would be best for an Alaska cruise?

All that ice in the water makes me nervous, and since I've been an adult, I never thought about going to Alaska - plus, I absolutely hate being cold. Even with all of that, everyone I have met who has been there or lived there loved it and talks about how beautiful it is. Generally, I will try anything once, so considering it, and some friends want to go, so. . . . Maybe
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Dec 11th, 2013, 11:11 AM
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Sassafrass , I am surprised that you have not think about Alaska! Best price is late May and early September. In terms of weather, it is going to rain anyway (2/3 chance of cloudy and light drizzle) through the summer months along the inside passage so it doesn't matter. June would see less kids as they should be still in school, and July and early August is busy, but with marginally warmer temperature.

Regardless of when you go, it will be cool (cold) while the ship is sailing into the fjords towards the glaciers. Wind (from the glacier) plus ship speed adds to the wind chill.

The rest of the time while you are ashore, typical 70F. Not shorts and tee shirts weather like the Caribbean but not really too bad. Think spring or fall for what you wear.

Don't worry about ice in the water, it's not like Titanic in the North Atlantic. They won't even want to chance a scratch on the ship, never mind a dent or a hole.
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Dec 12th, 2013, 07:42 AM
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You all are awesome! I looked more into Princess @Julia and we decided to take Princess instead ( reviews looked so great I did a Princess cruise around the British Isles and LOVED it!

Lol, so no titanic for us Should be warm enough in July I'm assuming.
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Dec 13th, 2013, 06:16 AM
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Weather being weather and unpredictable, July would be a good bet. Hope you have Glacier Bay on your itinary as it would be a shame if you miss it.
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Dec 13th, 2013, 08:31 AM
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Your profile pic shows you with a big smile by what I assume is Niagara Falls and if you love natural beauty like this you will love Alaska ten fold. Have a great time, just watch out for reindeer sausage. Pretty gamey. .
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Dec 15th, 2013, 11:56 AM
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I looked at the itinerary of the cruise you linked to. It wouldn't be my first choice. As Eschew mentioned try to find one that goes to Glacier Bay. The Holland America has one that leaves out of Vancover and goes all the same ports except it goes to Glacier bay instead of Victoria.

WHY? Imagine waking up and looking outside and seeing whales go swimming by. One nice thing about the inland passage is that you see land for a good part of the cruise. Sitting on deck you can spot eagles and other wild life. At Glacier Bay we saw CUTE!

WHEN? Wait and watch for prices to drop. We booked our Holland America cruise just one month before it sailed and got FANTASTIC price on a balcony cabin and this was in late July which is prime sailing time.

PLAN! Make sure you do a few excursions or you will find that most of the ports are just BIG shopping magnets. You will want to get a way from the ports unless you like shopping.

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