Bermuda Cruise Scooter?

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Bermuda Cruise Scooter?

I will be cruising to Bermuda w/ my husband leaving August 30th (on Zenith). I had planned for us to rent scooter's but I have read some horror stories and am now concerned. I rented a scooter on Bermuda years ago w/o any problem BUT maybe ignorance was bliss and I just got lucky? We really love to snorkel (have our own gear) and we were looking forward to exploring the island and looking for secluded beach spots on our own. I'm concerned if we take a bus or taxi we may find ourselves stranded or will feel restricted b/c of bus stop locations and time schedules. On the other hand I now have safety concerns with the scooters. Any advice?
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Unless you're experienced scotter riders your fears are justified.There is considerably more traffic now then years ago.When my wife and I visited Bermuda via cruise on 2 occasions we purchased the 3 day public transportation passes good for unlimited travel on all busses and ferries.We tried to avoid the rush hours and traveled all around the island with no problems.In fact we enjoyed traveling like a local.As far as bus stops, they are numerous and well marked and on a couple of occasions we asked to be dropped off at certain beaches(without a bus stop) and flagged a bus down when ready to leave.On both of our cruises we had passengers injured and I understand it's not uncommon. Have a fun trip.....
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There are many people who will tell you the scooters are safe...I'm not one of them.. On our last cruise there were TWO ambulances awaiting the ship back in Boston. On the ship as we left Bermuda was a woman in a wheel chair, several broken arms and many "roadside tans".."THEY"say that the dirty little secret in Bermuda is the amount of deaths... and the Bermuda Symphony(the ambulance sirens) are heard often. Sadly we have heard of moped drivers going off the road into the trees and even with a helmet it's pretty serious... The roads are narrow, the bus drivers are kamakazee drivers..and there are rotaries... We prefer to take the bus...many of the buses take you right by the beaches.. and if your in St. George there is a mini bus for $1.00 who will take you to Tobacco Cay or St. Catherines..or from Hamilton you can take a bus at the depot.. We have been to Bermuda nine times.. and a tenth is scheduled for September..
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I agree with the above, we had a friend killed-still within sight of the scooter rental place.

Another friend was scraped along a mountain road in Greece when a honking van scared her and she veered (they did not stop),

Leave the driving to the locals. You'll have fun anyway!
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Scooters don't cause accidents ...the drivers do!
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We rented individual scooters on our honeymoon in 1970, and a scooter for two on our second honeymoon in 1995. We were careful, didn't drive over the speed limit, stayed aware of other drivers, didn't drink when we drove, and felt safe. We preferred the double scooter because I could read the map while my husband drove, and we could talk. Be sure to rent a scooter with locking storage space so you can stash your helmets when you're not riding.
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Conquistador is probably correct. It's usually not scooters that cause the accidents - it's inexperienced drivers.

This place has a scooter training program before you rent a scooter -

- and I believe the other two main companies on the island - oleander and smatt s will also take every precaution too when renting you a scooter.

If you wear a helmet, dont drink and drive, be vigilant and stick to the left, it's no dangerous than driving anywhere else on holiday.

But that doesnt mean it's not dangerous.

I once, after being a real scooter enthusiast, came off a scooter in Greece with my girlfriend - fortunately she landed on top of me and I skidded to a halt on feet and then hands - so a bit of a miracle we werent hurt!

It's not till YOU COME OFF that you start thinking about how dangerous they actually are! YOu just need to hope when you do come off it's not serious! and this will come down to how fast you are going and how much attention you are paying, and how ricky you intend to be.

Personally it put me of them a little - but because I had to drive the scooter back from nowhere - it was like being forced to get on the horse again. Convincing the girlfriend to get back on proved a test of my persuasiveness!

I am getting on in years though - so i actually stick to the bus these days.
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