Winter Cruises???

Sep 2nd, 2003, 07:19 AM
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Winter Cruises???

I am helping my Dad plan a trip for a late December early January cruise to the carribean. It's my Mom's 60th birthday. They are a young 60 and would like to be on a lively cruise, with good food. I have never been on one so I have very little knowledge on which lines and islands are the most preffered. If anyone can give some guidance it would be appreciated.

Thank you
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Sep 8th, 2003, 10:05 AM
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There are dozens of cruise lines to chose from, but I urge you to avoid Carnival Cruise Lines. True, they all pollute our oceans to some extent, but Micky Arison, the Chairman and CEO of Carnival pled guilty for his company to felonies and has paid millions in fines for their disregard of our oceans. They poured thousands of gallons of waste water from sinks, showers and laundry use into the gin-colored Caribbean waters, including raw sewage and oil-contaminated water. Carnival paid out $18 million for illegally dumping oily water into the Caribbean sea for at least 5 years before being caught. They had falsified their records to cover their trail. This past April, Carnival was once again ordered by a Los Angeles judge to stop dumping ballast water, which spread all sorts of invasive species into our coastal waters. Before going on a cruise, check out the cruise line's eco-friendly record. Why support one that's ruining to very ocean you want to snorkel in? Robert
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Sep 8th, 2003, 12:14 PM
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Sent you a nice long informative note and lost the whole darned thing ! Anyway, winter is not a good time for cruising in the Caribbean. Seas are too rough; ship cannot dock where it is scheduled to and people get very seasick. I'm sure many people have gone in the winter and never had a problem but I've never heard of any yet. Spring time is so much better ... after Easter break.
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Sep 8th, 2003, 12:48 PM
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We went last year end of January and the seas were not rough with the exception of one night. Even then it wasn't that bad I slept through the entire situation. I would think now during the hurricane and tropical storm season would be the worst. I would choose a Southern Carribean cruise. They usually have one day at sea. I am looking into the Dawn Princess which includes Aruba and the gorgeous Island of Grenada. I think it is in Jan. or else it is Dec. as well. I would choose this line simply because of the ports. Also Holland American would be great for them or Royal Caribbean. There are so many cruises to choose from during that time frame. Try and find out what ports they would like to see if it matters to them. They all have a beauty of there own. Good luck.
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Sep 8th, 2003, 03:37 PM
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I totally disagree with Dolores. We've gone on a cruise every January or February for the past 8-10 years and have never had a problem with weather except for an ocassional cloudy or rainy day - never rough seas. I'd suggest either Royal Caribbean or Holland America. We're approx your parents age and enjoy both of them. As to ports - unless they have an island that is preferred, I'd go with the itinerary that offers the best price. I agree with the poster who says they all have their own beauty.
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Sep 8th, 2003, 05:01 PM
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d43, we also cruise with another couple every January to the caribbean. We have never been disappointed with Celebrity--and we are in our 40-50's. The food is very good, and it is not inundated with children. We love visiting all the islands, and always plan our own shore trips--usually beaching or snorkeling. Enjoy!
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Sep 9th, 2003, 04:04 AM
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For the record, Robert:

Government tapes show oil dumping

Newly released government tapes show the cruise line's practice of dumping oil into the oceans goes back to 1993.

On one tape, infrared cameras captured a seven-mile (11-kilometer) oil slick left by a Royal Caribbean ship. The cruise line's Nordic Empress pumped bilge waste into the Atlantic on its way from the Bahamas to Miami on February 1, 1993. A U.S. Coast Guard aircraft searching for drug smugglers spotted the oil slick.

When the ship docked in Miami, U.S. authorities asked to see a log in which ship's officers were required to record bilge pumping. The log falsely omitted the fact that the ship had pumped oily waste into the water, said Watts-Fitzgerald.

Other tapes show that in 1994, Royal Caribbean's Sovereign of the Seas ship left plumes of oil off the coast of Puerto Rico, and in 1995, the Monarch of the Seas disgorged more oil, which trailed in the ship's wake for 22 miles (35 kilometers).

The government also released a tape showing an extra pipe appearing and disappearing on a ship, which the Justice Department said proves that Royal Caribbean crews installed systems meant to circumvent required pollution controls to save the cost of proper disposal. The government said crews dismantled the systems before inspectors arrived.

Royal Caribbean admitted in June that ship's crews routinely pumped oil bilge and kept dummy logs that the crews called "fairy tale" books. The company also admitted to disassembling illegal sewage pipes bypassing cleaning devices as part of an attempt to hide the illegal practices.

"These acts were inexcusable. They were wrong. They should not have happened," said Jack Williams, president of Royal Caribbean.

The investigation into Royal Caribbean's environmental practices has not ended, said Watts-Fitzgerald.

CNN Correspondent Susan Candiotti and Reuters Limited contributed to this report.

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