Where to go in Oct and Nov

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Where to go in Oct and Nov

My husband and I are planning a trip in Oct or early Nov to the caribbean islands. Have in mind Jamacia, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas or someplace close to these. Does anyone know what the weather is like at that time of the year - warm, rainy, stormy or beautiful and hot? We will be open to traveling around to several places if possible. We have never been to any of these places. Does anyone have any suggestions or information. We would like to have some tourist amenities but are not into heavy crowds. I would like some place relatively quiet, good food, great beaches, snorkling and romantic walks. I would appreciate any and all comments. Thanks!
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Linda, I recommend a cruise. You can visit a number of different islands and decide which ones you'd like to go back to. It's very romantic, and should not be crowded that time of year. Of course, no one can predict the weather, but on a ship, if they have storms, they can avoid them. Good luck.
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I've had a lot of experience with PR and when it's cold here, it will be raining there.

Last year the worst hurricane was in October. If you want to avoid the possibility, try Aruba, Bonaire or Curacao or Grenada.

Sandy is right about the ships avoiding bad weather, but my idea of fun isn't being on a ship with 3500 other people.
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Linda, you might want to make St. Thomas your "base" (recommend staying on the East End) and from there you can catch ferrys to St. John ($3 and 20 minutes away) and the BVI's, Tortola and some of the more pristine remote ones on day trips. We have had wonderful weather the majority of times in October but when a storm brews and blows it is not a fun thing ... and no one knows or can predict exactly when one will blow by ... or how "bad" it will be! Last year, Georges spoiled a lot of the Carrib in Sept, but did only very minor damage to STT and the Virgins. Remember the addage about the "little girl?" When she was good, she was very very good but when she was bad, she was horrible ... kinda like the weather during a hurricane season!
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Linda: Weather gets to be a problem then in most areas. Not Aruba, though. It's not in the "Hurricane belt" and has about the same weather all year long, warm, sunny and dry (average rainfall is about 17 inches, annually).

I've been there in June and October and noticed no difference in weather. October is preferable to November and later as it's still "offseason" and less $$$, less people.

Perform a search on Aruba at this website. Good luck.
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Hi Linda

I just returned from the DR this week
in a word it was hot. 90s and sunny
every day. It rained briefly one night for about10 mintes.
PS Cozmel has everything you are looking
for, awesome snokeling at Chakanaab state park. ( bring a can of cheese wiz and the fish will be all over you)
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Hi-The western Caribbean does not get the hurricane season as bad as the eastern Caribbean. You might consider
Grand Cayman next time...We have been going there for 10 years, and outside of Mitch (last year) they have not had the hurricane season affect them too much. I'd be happy to suggest hotels or condos if you ever decide to try it - great beaches, wonderful diving and snorkeling, no poverty, great restaurants - I guest you can tell I like it there. Carol
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Joe Raphael
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Carol's suggestion is not bad, but she's toally off about the hurricanes. In fact the opposite is true.From mid-Oct. thru Nov.hurricanes will occur over 92% of the time in the western caribbean.A great example is the one that started this Oct 13th below Cuba.These are facts proven by weather records. Otherwise her recommendations are good. However I would recommend St. John and St. Thomas over the Caymans. They're far more beautiful and have gorgeous beaches.
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One thing about sandals, they have a hurricane guarantee. When Floyd hit the bahamas this year they transferred people to jamaica and according to their website they give you a one year window to come back and start over on them.

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