Where to go in August??? HELP!

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Where to go in August??? HELP!


So….. during the second week of August, for whatever reason… my family wants me to organize a trip for them and myself.

That might sound like fun…. But it's NOT!!! I have a lot of personalities to deal with.

Time Frame: 7-10 days during the second week of august

Me- Will be 32 year old female, loves water sports, water adventures (ex: snorkeling, and others), SCUBA DIVING!!, relaxing, hiking, adventure, thrills
Brother – 26 - loves water sports, relaxing, water adventures, adventure, thrills
Mother – 59 - loves water sports, relaxing, water adventures, adventure, POSSIBLE thrills, SWIMMING + BEACH!!

Here come the tough ones
Father – 63… relaxing… maybe sitting on a nice beach. On a good day, swimming maybe? Loves sea food. Hard to please and loves to argue
Brother – 29.. not sure.. maybe water sports? Possible swimming… I know he likes to LOOK at a nice beach…. Also non-stop complaining. Hard to please
Sister in Law married to above brother – 34…. See above - match made in heaven

I should mention… the last two people are also a bit paranoid (not to be mean)…. So typically they like seclusion. During their wedding, we went to Sandals Whitehouse... which not only was super expensive, had a horrible beach with rocks, and was 2.5 hours away from anything!!!!

Anyways, my initial thought was… ALASKA! Cruise + Land Trip (diving in Ketchiken ^___^) But that turns out... it's a bit expensive. At least the land trip portion is... Then the Bahamas... but someone told me the weather in August is just terrible + possible storms/hurricanes.

Then I got the suggestion of St. Lucia - I really liked this idea - we could stay south in St. Lucia in a condo and eat out/make our own food - that's where the best snorkeling/scuba is at on the island. But... the reclusive three people are making a strong case for an All-Inclusive Resort... those resorts are primarily located in the north portion of St. Lucia and I hear snorkeling/diving there is just bad... So now I'm in a pickle!

Any suggestions on what location/island to look into? Any AI suggestions? I'm running short on time and am starting to panic!!!

What is the weather like in August? I know it's hurricane season - but given it's southern location it should be okay???

Any suggestions/help/advice is appreciated

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St Lucia is not known for snorkeling or diving period. Although there are some nice reefs, there are several other islands that are much better for snorkeling/diving.

August is smack dab in the middle of hurricane season, it is what it is. Yes, your chances are much better going further south at that time.

I would look into the All Inclusives in the Riviera Maya area of Mexico. Beautiful resorts, and all the activities you could want. Of course I'd highly recommend trip insurance traveling during August.
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I stayed in Riviera Maya/Playa Del Carmen in the third week of April THIS YEAR... I LOVED IT!!! But I was told by the people who live there that August is disgustingly hot and super humid and I have a better chance at a place in the southern Caribbean.

Problem is... sister-in law/father are teachers so we're stuck for an August vacation... anyway looking forward to any further recommendations!
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I would look into Aruba, which would please all the personalities, and is typically out of the hurricane belt. However, since you are traveling in August, I'd strongly recommend taking out travel insurance.

Let the hard-to-please people stay at an AI, and book the rest of you at any of the resorts along Palm Beach ( I like the location/beach at what's now the Hilton).
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August weather is going to be essentially the same throughout the Caribbean - same temperatures, same humidity, similar number of rain days, etc. The reason some people suggest going further south is because the threat of hurricanes is lessened slightly though not totally eliminated but by south they are talking about Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao Trinidad & Tobago. St. Lucia is south but not exactly outside the so called "hurricane belt".

FYI - You can research the frequency and intensity of hurricanes & tropical storms for any island at www.stormcarib.com. On the home page click on the "Climatology" link then "Hits & Misses". Scroll down and click on the island you wish to research. You'll be directed to a chart showing the dates of every hurricane and tropical storm to affect that island since 1851. You'll be surprised at how few there are in August for any given island.

Now, you mentioned an Alaska cruise + land as being "a bit expensive" but I suspect you may find a trip to the Caribbean isn't going to cost significantly less. It would help if you gave us some idea in terms of actual dollars of what your travel budget actually is. If that budget includes airfare let us know where you are traveling from as airfare for 6 people can have a big impact on overall costs.

I don't see the 3 "tough ones" as being all that tough. You can find great seafood, nice beaches, places to swim, a relaxing atmosphere and even places that feel secluded but are not too far from "things" for the others in your party on just about every Caribbean island.

As far as the others in your party are concerned, water sports, water activities and hiking can be found anywhere. Not sure what you mean by "POSSIBLE thrills" (are you asking about things like skydiving, hang gliding or bungee jumping?) but if you are looking for activities like parasailing, windsurfing, kiteboarding and zip lining you can find those on many islands (zip lining will generally only be found on mountainous destinations.

No one islands is going to have it all but if Scuba diving is an important consideration you might want to look at resorts in the US and British Virgin Islands. They offer some of the best diving in the Caribbean and will fulfill most of the requirements your other family members want. You won't find many All Inclusives on these islands but many resorts do offer optional meal plans so that's something you might want to consider.

If All Inclusive is a top requirement for your family you might want to look at resorts in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Playa del Carmen, Cancun and Cozumel. They are noted for having lots of AI's but you'll give up a bit on the quality and quantity of scuba diving.

Good luck making your choices.
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