What's your favorite Caribbean Island?

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What's your favorite Caribbean Island?

We live in Texas and our son and daughter-in-law live in New York.
We would love to plan a trip to meet them somewhere in the Caribbean. My husband and I have been to several of the islands in the past, but it's been a while. We did love Guadaloupe (sp?) for it's French flavor and beautiful scenery. We used to love St. Martin, but on last trip felt it has gotten really congested and commercial (tho loved the flight over to Saba Also enjoyed our ferry ride over to Anguilla, but that was a long time ago. (Understand there is an island off of St. Martin that is really popular now....?)
This will be the first trip to the Caribbean for our son and daughter-in-law!
Would love to receive you suggestions!!!!!!
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We love Virgin Gorda for it's quiet, laid back feel. The safety and the friendliness found on island are by far and away unparalleled to anywhere else we've been. Pristine beaches. Beautiful sunsets. It's exactly how we define paradise and we now go every year. Best of luck with your travels!
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#1 thing you need to know: my favorite island in the Caribbean is difficult to get to. But we have been there three times and this is after we have visited well over a dozen islands in the Caribbean. So we have spent our fair share of time other places. Palm Island in the Grenadines is it for me. It is an AI due to the fact that there are no restuarants - or much else - on the island. The food is wonderful and the beaches are the best. We always do a trip on the Yannis to snorkel in the Tobago Cays and enjoy lunch and the rum punches/beer. Anyway, it is such an awesome place and worth the trip!
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Love bermuda. Laid back. Nice people. Great beach. Good golf. Local restaraunts are first rate Not much night life but relaxing. Easy to get to. Direct flights from atlanta, boston, new york. It can be cool in winter. We go in June every year.
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Honestly, asking people what their favorite island is, is like asking what their favorite meal is - everyone has different likes and dislikes. And the thing is most of us seasoned travelers have more than one favorite island since they are all different - I'm sure you remember that from your earlier trips. There are large islands, small islands; flat islands, hilly island; lush islands and arid island; islands that are easy to get to and islands that are more off the beaten trail; there are expensive islands and ones that are more moderately priced; there are islands with white sand beaches, others with oink sand, still others with golden sand and some with darker sand - the differences go on and on. Two things to remember are they are all different and no one island "has it all".

The better approach is to make a list of the 10 or 15 things YOU and YOUR FAMILY would like to do, see and experience on a Caribbean vacation. You can then do some basic research that will help narrow your field of focus. Start by using the "Destination" at the top of this page and click through to the Caribbean. Read the summaries of each island and choose one or two that most appeal to you. You can then do more research by googling "Things to do and see on NAME oF ISLAND" and similar topics to find out if those islands have what you are seeking. Once you choose YOUR island you can concentrate on finding a resort/hotel that fits your requirements and budget.

Don't get caught up in "are the palm trees greener on the other island syndrome" - there aren't BETTER islands there are just DIFFERENT islands and as they say Viva La Difference!!!

That said, I've visited scores of Caribbean islands and I very much liked St. John, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, Anguilla, several of the Bahamas Out-islands, Nevis and St. Bart's.
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For me its tough but its a tie between Eleuthera and Long Island both in the the Bahama out islands. Very close behind on that list would have to be Virgin Gorda followed by Anguilla. Agree though that everyone's tastes, experience and priorities may be different and so its hard to generalize.
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I've only been to five Caribbean islands -- would like to know if anyone here has been to all of them! (How many are there, anyway -- I haven't counted.) Grenada is my favorite. I like lush mountainous islands, even though you don't get so much of that azure water on islands like that.

There's also a medical school on the island that draws students from around the world, which I think affects the vibe of the island and makes it cosmopolitan in a limited way. No big chain hotels, by the way. I've heard great things about Anguilla and St. Barts, too.
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"would like to know if anyone here has been to all of them! (How many are there, anyway -- I haven't counted)."

I've been to 14 (that does not include Mexico) Rough count, I'm getting about 36.

My favorite destination is Mexico. It's close to Texas, inexpensive and tons of things to see and do.

As for Caribbean Islands, my favorites are Aruba and Grand Cayman. We are headed to Barbados and Grenada this year.
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My personal favorite it Jamaica, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for trip trip you're planning. The other islands I've been to are Dominican Republic and USVI, but also not ones I'd put at the top of your request list.
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Islebethere - If you include the BahamasOut-islands there are well over 1,000 islands and cay in the Caribbean. Putting foot on all of them would be a major feat, indeed.
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I have to put in my 2 cents for Grand Cayman. 7 Mile beach is the best, 200 great restaurants to choose from, safe, clean, all around great destination. No wonder Tripadvisor ranks it number one.

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We really enjoyed our short stay on Bonaire last fall. Hoping to return for a couple of weeks in December.

Also, high on the list is Isla Providencia. Part of Colombia, but, physically located closer to Nicaragua.

In November, hoping to make our first trip to the Corn Islands off the coast of Nicaragua.

Grenada was beautiful and fun, not as walkable as we like though. I like islands where I can stay in a small beach resort and be able to walk to a town/village.
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We've traveled to 20 or so islands through the years. Have favorites for different reasons.

You like the French influence? How about St. Bart's? Fantastic, but hard to get to.

Loved Anguilla, but also on the hard to get to list.

St. John, 3/4 National Park, great houses to rent, or Caneel Bay Resort, snorkeling to die for.

Aruba, Nassau, big glitzy resorts.

Barbados, great weather and lots of resorts to choose from.

Our new favorite for the past 4 years---Grace Bay, Providencialis, Turks & Caicos.

Very easy to get to
Stunning, white sand and turquoise water
Excellent choice of condo-type resorts
Outstanding restaurants
The only downside we can see is that the snorkeling is not great(all that white sand), neither is the nightlife--depends what you are looking for.

Time of year also makes a difference. Before the end of March, stick to the lower Caribbean.
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St Barts, in a class of its own
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I've been to a lot of islands. To me none compare to St. John for having a little bit of everything but not too much of anything.
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I agree with others, this all depends on what your tastes are. After traveling to several islands, St John was my favorite. Amazing beaches (uncrowded)....great snoreling....safe to drive around....good restaurants.....just a great over all feel to it.
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