what to pack?

Old Nov 19th, 2001, 07:44 AM
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what to pack?

first time to usvi, let alone ANYWHERE tropical. long-awaited honeymoon. staying in a villa over hawksnest bay on st. john. want to pack lightly. what are the BARE NECESSITIES? any suggestions greatly appreciated. tx.
Old Nov 19th, 2001, 08:02 AM
oi vey
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you really need to be told this? well, for starters, how about some UNDERWEAR and a TOOTHBRUSH?
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I'm sure oi vey didn't really mean to be smartie pants. Very casual is the word. Shorts, tees, light cotton and - if you're planning on dining somewhere really upmarket, a nice pair of pants (ties/jackets NOT necessary!), cotton dress, whatever. Obviously your bikini but PLEASE remember that when you're off the beach it's NOT considered in good taste to wander around populated areas in your bathing gear without a cover-up of some sort. Also, guys, wear a tee shirt when in town and don't wander around bare-chested. But as far as general clothing, keep it light and comfortable and of course there are some wonderful clothing boutiques in St. John where you can find something perfect if you left it behind! Enjoy your stay - I know you will!
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Take some bug repellant and some lotion to help after you've been bitten. We were bitten by no-see-ums on St. John and were VERY uncomfortable.

Have a great trip!
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thanks ANON. i didn't realize a simple question could make someone so angry. "oi vey" needs therapy.
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I'm sure this is an obvious one, but I'll say it anyway: sunblock, and an extra pair of shades (in case they're lost or they break).
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Actually, underwear is one thing you don't need. Swim suits with a t-shirt or coverup is 80% of your day. I don't know what they call it for women, but I go commando even if I'm not in a swimsuit. Other than basic toiletries and lotions mentioned, take as little as possible. You won't be sorry if you underpack.
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sun tan lotion
bug repellent/anti itch stuff in case (Avon Skin so Soft)
sun glasses
after-sun lotions
lip stuff (I use Carmex)if lips get to sore from the sun
do they provide beach bags? floats? (I usually take a cheapie blow up one for those out of the way beaches)
small cooler if not provided
dressier places might want collared shirt (polo shirt) for guys
lots of bathing suits with coverups or paero
credit cards and $$$$$
a lite sweater if you wind up someplace a/c'ed for dinner or in the evenings
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thanks everyone. now i just need a few air marshals, and i'm all set.

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