Warning: Lost Luggage Epidemic in Nassau

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Warning: Lost Luggage Epidemic in Nassau

On my way back from Atlantis. Never received my luggage (from American Eagle). Many other guests had same experience with other airlines. It seemed as if every other person had a story. One shop was completely sold out of women's underwear.

Luggage arrival is often dicey, said the bell captain at Harbourside, but he reported that it was unusually bad this week.

If you're on your way there, pack essentials in your hand luggage, and include good walking sandals if you're going to Atlantis.
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I've had my luggage delayed and learned that lesson well. It amazes me how I meet many travellers who either have NO carry-on or have nothing of much value in it!!! I also do the "swap" packing when I travel with Mom. She gives me some of her stuff, I give her some of mine so if 1 of our luggages go missing, we're not in dire straits.

I always recommend to all friends/family travelling to pack your carry-on so that IF you absolutely had to, you could survive at least 3-4 days on your carry-on. I never worry too much about delayed luggage because I pack well; i.e. all meds, 1 pair of extra shoes, 1 pair of shorts, couple of tops, pair of socks, underwear, 1 dress, sunscreen, bathing suit etc. My carry-on isn't big either, it's the usual Samsonite shoulder bag size.
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I feel your pain. Learned my lesson well years ago on a X-Mas trip to the Dominican Republic. Flew from NYC and changed planes in Phili. Had sick feeling when I handed over my bags from the get go. Airport in Santo Domingo was crazy with the overflow of lost and unclaimed bags. Flew USAir.

Only thing that saved me was the trip insurance and the reimbursement I recieved from the airlines and my insurer. My bags were returned to my home a week after I'd been home. I rarely like to check my bags now and if you have to change planes the chances increase twofold that you're going to miss a bag.

I learned to pack a carry on with essentials, enough for me to get by one for a couple of days before I have to head for a store. Sometimes lesson's learned the hard way are the best ones.
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Boy... we sure learned our lesson about 7 years ago! We flew into Loreto, MX and back then (not sure if it's the same now), but there was only ONE flight a day that flew into Loreto. After having our original flight from LV to LAX cancelled we still made it on the next flight out to LAX and almost missed the flight to Loreto... good newa - we made it!! Bad news... NO LUGGAGE!! And we didn't pack a carry on! So basically we had to wait until the 3:45pm the next day (the time the next flight came in) to get our stuff. It was only a 4 night trip so for two days we had to wear some stuff we bought at the gift shop. It was horrifying!! Needless to say... we always pack a carry-on with a bathing suite, underwear, shorts, t-shirts and flip flops. So in case our luggage gets lost... we can still chill out on the beach!! And for 6 years that was only time we ever had a luggage problem until last year...it was bound to happen. We went to TCI and they "lost" our dive bag...had a lot of new equipment and everything. I was soo bummed out! It was probably stolen... AND it took almost 5 months for Delta to reimburse me!! Not fun!
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I went all the way to Bali for a baby blessing for one of my friends and she asked me to bring diapers for the baby,because she ran out, and they didn't sell them at the time.or were too expensive. So with two suit cases one filled with My clothes and toiletries and the other diapers and valentine candy guess which one got lost. The candy sure tasted good, but the daipers didn't fit me and I am tall the clothes they made over there were made for much shorter people than I.So I looked kind of goofy until my luggage showed up two days before I left
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Thanks, everyone, for your empathy. Loved the diaper story.

Just returned home (after 5 days) and still haven't received my luggage. It supposedly arrived in Nassau the morning I left, then was returned to Miami and is still there. (I was told the bag would be delivered to my relatives' home in Boca Raton where I stayed for a night on the way back, but it never showed up there either. Now home in LA and still waiting).

I do usually do have several days worth of stuff in my carry on, but somehow lapsed on this trip, although I did have a bathing suit.

Atlantis was not the ideal place to purchase a substitute wardrobe because most of the apparel has prominent fish appliquées or is resort Versace designed for people over 5'10". (But I did find a fabulous pair of sunglasses.)

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