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la mer
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I have been in Varadero in several occasions and loved the resort. I think it is great, very modern, and the beach is superb. It is got amazing resorts. I would like to hear from someone who has been at both varadero and cayo coco, since i would love to know which one is better. I would like to know which one is more fun, and which one has a better beach. i have never been to cayo coco, but i know information on it, i guess i want to hear from someone who has been in both places, not someone who has only been in either of them, since it would be hard to compare. thank you.
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I would also be interested in knowing what people thought of both. Has anyone been to both places? I'm starting to look into my winter holiday - haven't been to Cuba yet - one friend wants to to one place and another one the other. Any opinions from anyone who has been to both? We like to have a good time but also enjoy peace and quiet - I'm worried Cayo Coco might be a bit boring for us?
I'm also interested in going to Havana on a day trip. What would my options be from both? Can you go by bus?
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Haven't been to both, but researched Cayo Coco extensively prior to going to Veradaro........You might find both boring depending on how you look at it.Main attractions (if you can call it that) are closer in Varadareo.
CayoCoco was my first choice, but got overruled by the group.
Only concern with Cayo is ,at times if really busy/overbooked, they will divert you to a different hotel on the Cayo. Not good if you're with a group.
Don't missinterpret me, you'll love Varadareo too. Try Beaches
Havana is a long bus ride from Cayo. Its about one and a half-twohours from Varadareo, and alot longer from Cayo, you probably should stay overnight.
Varadareo has the same type of resorts that Cayo has, so you'll be able to pick what you want either place.
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If you're looking for a quiet, very relaxing resort, you might want to look into Sol Club Cayo Guillermo. Cayo Guillermo is linked to Cayo Coco by a land bridge but is much smaller. The beach is wonderful, and the resort is designed like a village (no high-rises). In addition, the diving is exceptional.
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Thanks. I want a hotel with a decent disco and nightlife -- either in it or nearby and maybe a few other spots to check out at night around it...I'm worried that with Cayo Coco Club Tryp is probably too big (saw lots of unhappy write ups on this) and I haven't heard much about the other hotels?
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I've been to both Varadero and Cayo Coco, and we've liked both resort areas for different reasons. We're beach bums, and found the beach at Cayo Coco to be better than Varadero beach - water was warmer and calmer. We stayed at the Tryp Club Cayo Coco and while it IS big, it is spread out across a large area - we never felt crowded or experienced problems at the bars/buffet with lineups, etc. There are a couple discos there, but with only a couple other resorts nearby and no town, there is definitely not the nightlife options that Varadero has (and Varadero doesn't have too many more!). Cayo Coco/Cayo Guillermo is an excellent destination if you're looking for a relaxing beach holiday. As info, the tour to Havana they offered when we were there was by plane and was US$150 per person (no overnight stay). I heard it's about 6 or 8 hours by land to Havana.

Varadero, as has been mentioned here, is only a couple hours from Havana - if sizzling nightlife is your prime goal, you'd be better off staying right in Havana since Varadero isn't that great either (there are a couple local spots, though). Varadero does, however, offer more in terms of tours and shopping options, since the town of Varadero is located about 5min away from any resort there. The beach, although in our opinion not as great as Cayo Coco, is still an excellent beach. I hope this helps, and if I can be of more help, drop me a line.

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Joe Raphael
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I'd hate to throw a monkeywrenge into this argument, but here it is. Go to Guardalavaca instead. The beach is the best in Cuba.
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Which resort would you recomend in
Guardalavaca? Which region (varadaro,
cayo coco, or guardalavaca) has the best snorkeling? And lastly, if we were to bring our teenagers, which region and resort would you suggest?
thanks, Judy
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Hi...I thought I could add a bit to your discussion...I am a Cuba freak...Been 3 times to Varadero, once to Guadalarvaca and Santiago...and going to Cayo Guillermo (beside Cayo Coco) in November...I am trying to get around the island before things change too much...Beaches in the north part of Cuba as well as Cayo Largo are all superb...Apparently more clear in Cayo Coco than in Guadalarvaca where I thought they were fine...They were beautiful in Varadero. It really depends what you are looking for in a Holiday..There is more to do in Varadero...More excursions, the resort is only 2 hours from Havana. From Cayo Coco if you plan to do excursions, you will always have to go back 1 hour and a half toward the main land. There are less hotels...more quiet...
Have a great time...


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