Trip Report- Part One

Aug 8th, 2006, 07:40 AM
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Trip Report- Part One

Sorry I should have posted this sooner as we recieved great info from this site to help us plan our trip We had an amazing time in Provo. I am going to break my report into different sections so it is not so long.

Part One, (should I call it chapter One?) Excursions we took with Tour Companies:

Our first excursion was with J&B Tours- We went on the Cave Tour .
Had an enjoyable ride out to Middle Caicos there were 11 people in our group. A guide met us at the dock we took a 10 minute ride to Conch Cave. Our guide was very familiar with the history of the surrounding area. We had a lot of fun exploring and learning the islands history. It was interesting to note the islanders use to gather there during a hurricane. It is really dark in there with no lights. I was not happy about crossing the plank at one part of the journey my husband had to pull me along. The girls had no trouble and had a blast. I hope the pictures come out well. My camera batteries went during the tour, I had brought replacements but they were the wrong size. (Pennylane Photo sells camera batteries on Leeward highway.)
After the cave we went to Mudjadin Beach (sp?). It was absolutely breathtaking. The water was a bit cooler here it felt wonderful. It was fun to ride the waves. I could spend the day in the water there but was looking forward to a snorkeling spot. We had lunch under the shade of a rock over hang. Lunch consisted of hero sandwiches many different types of fruit, different salads, cookies and whatever you wanted to drink. Then back to the boat for snorkeling. Nice spot very pretty but way to quick for me. Saw a beautiful eagle ray while snorkeling and a turtle. Dellis Cay or Fort George I get them confused was the next stop for sand dollars. We spent a long time there they were very hard to find. The girls had a lot of fun at every stop. Off to Big Water Cay for a look at the Iguanaís. Very cool, very quick, the guide was very soft spoken and we couldnít hear a word he said. Once is definitely enough for the iguanas, but they did open the new path a few days after we were there. I donít know how much longer the path is but it is a very quick tour.

Our Captain with J& B was Kevin he was great with the kids. We had a great day and would recommend J&B. all the staff were very nice.

2nd Excursion:
My husband went out again with J&B for bottom fishing. He was very happy to get the guide he was told was best for fishing. There were 3 people on the boat and they caught Grouper, Snapper and trigger fish. My husband also caught a 4ft shark. Maurice kept them two hours longer then the other boat that went out . He was a great fisherman and loves his job!

3rd Excursion:
Captain Marvinís parasailing:

Conrad was great with the girls. My husband went up with my very brave 3 and 8 year old. I chickened out as well as my oldest who said she was needed for videoing. Cameron said it was like walking on air and she could touch the clouds. Micah said it was like being on a big swing in the sky. The squeals of delight could be heard far below during there adventure. After they landed they were more then ready to do it again.

4th Excursion: Snorkel and Conch Cruise Caicos Dream Tours.

We should have gone with our gut and rescheduled with this massive storm cloud hovering overhead but we didnít. The snorkel spot was not to far off shore , I guess to make for an easy comeback. We did get to see turtles. I have to say I have not been overly impressed with the snorkeling yet. We probably missed turtles in the other areas we snorkeled as we were looking for the ones like the Hawksbills we saw in St. Croix they were the size of a Volkswagen.
We then proceeded to head to the spot to dive for conch. At this point the rain came down so hard it hurt and we huddled under our towels for warmth and safety. The captain hit a shallow area and got out and dove for conch He came up with the conch and an attitude because at this point we really just wanted to go back. The other couple told him they were expecting to dive for the conch themselves. We understand you canít control the weather but at this point we felt like we were getting the bums rush and he just wanted to get the tour in. after some discussion we proceeded to another spot to dive for conch, again the boat hit sand and he told us this is the spot. We found many to small to keep finally my husband found a keeper we added it to the ones the captain found and headed to half moon bay to have some conch salad and explore. I have to say this was the best conch salad we had the entire trip. I do believe I could live on that stuff! It was this captains redeeming act. We saw many stingrays at this spot. They must be used to getting the leftovers. It was amazing. We had great fun in spite of it all. More about Caicos Dream latter.

5th Excursion: Caicos Corral

This was so much fun. What was to be a 1 hour ride lasted 2. We started at the stable by Coral Gardens and rode to Smith Reef. What a beautiful stretch of beach away from the resorts up towards Turtle Cove. We even saw a turtle in the water while riding.
Fred took great care of the girls matching them with the right horse. We all had a good time. He let my daughter ride by herself when we got back to the stable. His stable boy Reggie really enjoyed showing off his riding tricks.
It is easy to see Fred loves his horses. They are well cared for and everything was very clean. It was great to see they are not overworked or mistreated.

6th Excursion: A Dream Day Get Away- Caicos Cream Tours

What a day we had!!!! First stop for snorkeling off Pine Cay. Just beautiful, very pretty fans lots of pretty purple ones and many different fish. Nice spot for snorkeling. Cameron saw an eagle ray.

Then we went and dove for Conch. They were many, many conch here nice big ones. The kids had a blast as they dove for each one. Then we went to a beautiful beach were we cleaned the conch while the BBQ was being prepared. We snorkeled and shelled and saw many bone fish. What a feast Grouper, chicken, hot dogs baked potatoes, corn on the cob and my favorite conch salad. When its lobster season, lobster is served as well. ,It was fantastic.
Next stop snorkeling on the Barrier reef. Just beautiful! A huge grouper, a five foot barracuda and some great coral formations. Nice spot!
We stopped on Dellis Cay or Fort George not sure at this point I have my cays all mixed up. Iím sure once I post my pictures one of you will straighten me out. Same spot we stopped with J&B but this time there were many sand dollars right away we found four brown ones. We were very happy to find so many living ones. We even found a small star fish.

I canít say enough about our Captain Paul- As well as his mate John JR. This is a first class operation. They were friendly, informative, helpful and great with the girls. It was a group of 11 and everyone had a great time.

When I called to book the 2nd excursion I asked to make sure we did not get the captain with the attitude. Immediately John the owner asked what I meant as he was away on our first trip. He puts his clientís enjoyment as a priority and is truly interested in what we liked and disliked. A very kind and genuine man. I am so glad we took the advice on this board and went on this excursion. It certainly was one of the many highlights of our trip!!

Sorry to ramble, but I gained so much insight about Provo from this board before our trip I want to take the time to post. We had a great time. Anyone who is worried about the weather forget it. I made the mistake of looking before we left, the 10 day said chance of thunderstorm each day, oh no. I have seen more rain in the 24 hrs I have been home then the whole 2 weeks there. It mainly rained at night and the couple times it did rain during the day it was a brief downpour and very welcome, except for while on the boat.
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Aug 8th, 2006, 07:57 AM
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Great report. We're going to T&C for our first trip in February. I'm definitely going to look into the Dream Day Get Away and possibly the horseback riding.
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Aug 8th, 2006, 08:13 AM
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How long were you there and where did you stay? I don't think I've ever read a trip report where the family was so active, doing a major activity or day trip every day, from the sound of it. Glad you kept busy and had a great time!
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Aug 8th, 2006, 09:20 AM
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Thanks, We were there from June 30 till July 14. We stayed at Aquamarine Beach Houses and highly recommend them. It is on a great area of beach within walking distance to Coral Gardens and Smiths Reef. It was great to have the privacy yet they have a beautiful pool and tennis courts as well. Very family friendly.
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Aug 8th, 2006, 09:23 AM
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Aquamarine sounds nice. Do you have a website for it?
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Aug 8th, 2006, 09:29 AM
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Paula and John the owners were wonderful, they went out of their way to make sure we enjoyed our stay.
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Aug 8th, 2006, 05:12 PM
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this is a very comprehensive report. it's wonderful. can't wait for the next chapters (food - always my favorite. and what did you do for land excursions?) and hopefully a link to your photos so we will all know which cays. haha.
we stayed in windows a la mar/now atlantic ocean beach villa, which you passed just before the last curve in the beach when you rode to smiths. i remember seeing the horses going by with the dog. looked like a great time.
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Aug 8th, 2006, 05:56 PM
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Virgina were you there during that time? We parked right near the house our first visit. I loved the little sitting area out there by the beach. Its great to see all the places you heard so much about. Part 2 is just for you..
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Aug 8th, 2006, 05:58 PM
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Aug 9th, 2006, 06:28 AM
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loved the pics! how about that villa at the end of the chalk sound road. i am still wondering who's it is...
was on island mid-april til early june so no i didn't actually see your family.
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Aug 9th, 2006, 07:55 AM
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Virgina, We were told it was a young couple that made much $ during the .com rage. I prefered the house off Ventian Road that made there own cannal as well. Must be nice.
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Aug 12th, 2006, 10:16 AM
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Thank you for this trip report. I'm just now reading it as we have an upcoming T&C trip. I'm really impressed at all the excursions you guys took but even more impressed at your 3-year-old parasailing!
Now on to reading your other parts...

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