Travel Jitters???

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Travel Jitters???

How does everyone cope with travel jitters?? As many of you, I have not cancelled any of my vacation plans. I have flown a few times after 9/11 but it does not get any easier - what do you do to keep the "jitters" away?
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Perhaps you could take a book or magazine with you to occupy your mind and keep it off other things.
Also, most airports have lounges.
A cocktail or two sometimes helps to get you in "vacation mode."

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I don't get travel jitters. Have traveled 4 times since 9/11 and, except for the increased security which is a pain, but needed, I guess, there's been nothing to cause jitters. And I was in the Atlanta airport when that nimrod ran down the up escalator, caused the airport to be emptied, made us all go through screening again, made us 8 hours late to Phoenix, and made us reschedule our golf from the next day to Thanksgiving day.
Maybe I'm fatalisitc, but I've always thought whatever was going to happen was going to happen, and worrying about it certainly wasn't going to make it go away.
Look at the bigger picture, since 9/11, outside of that American jet that lost its tail over Long Island, what's happened since then? Nothing. And it's likely nothing will happen to you. So stop worrying about it. When you start to feel tense, think of something very pleasant -- possibly that beautiful beach you're headed to -- and then breathe deeply, calm yourself down, and relax.
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Different Kathleen
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I get the exact same thing. I get all excited about planning it and getting there and then right before its time to go I think ... what have I done? Am I going to kill us all because I wanted some sand and sun? This is a big mistake, we shouldn't go, blah, blah, blah. I hate the few days before vacation. But I live near the flight path of DFW International airport and you can hear a plane fly over almost every 60 seconds at some points during the day and NOTHING happened to any of them. And that's a lot of planes. Plus I also think about how someone flew to where ever I am going yesterday and they got there just fine. Stupid little things to tell myself, I know. But it helps me.
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Oh and I strongly endorse a drink or two at the airport if you don't have kids. That helped me big time last time. Put me back in the mood for a trip and the worries flowed away ....
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Kathleen-- I ALWAYS take a 5mg of Valium 1/2 hr before flight- relaxes me
and 1/2 the time I SLEEP on take off
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You are either headed for a week in the sun or coming back from a week in the sun.
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Thanks Guys!

I still get nervous - even with all the miles I've racked up over the years. I just wanted to know that I was not alone. Planning the vacation is easy for me and always look forward to my destination, but first I gotta get there.

To Different Kathleen- I think the same exact things! Very strange. I would indeed have a few drinks before flying if only my flight ws not at 8 am! I'll settle for Xanax!

My last vacation was a security nightmare. At JFK had to remove my shoes (they were sanals) and they were taken away and scanned. They opened up every lipstick tube, bottle of tums, shampoo blah blah blah - you get the picture. I was whisked away behind a black curtain while they did all of this. And Why?? I had a tiny safety pin (the kind you get in a travel sew kit) in my carry on that I had forgotten about! That was not allowed to go but guns, knives, razors and fake bombs are passing thru security. We had to take 2 planes to our destination and I was searched the same way again upon boarding our next flight!
I definately think they are looking in the wrong places!!!
My husband just breezed thru. By the way we are both tall, blonde hair, blue eyes so it could not have been racial profiling (sp?)

Go Figure.......
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I hate to fly now and I hated to fly then (and I worked for an airline many years ago and work in the travel industry). Question- is it harder if you're leaving the kids at home (it is for me!)?
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