Tipping Advice???

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Tipping Advice???

We are going to Cap with 4 dinners included. Is the tip included at the Cap restaurants, or do we leave a tip on the table? Also Do restaurants on Anguilla include the tip into the bill, or do we leave a tip? We don't want to offend anyone or leave a double tip. Thanks!
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We did the Romantic Rendezvous package which included 4 dinners. A 15% tip was added to the bill for the cost of the drinks only (drinks are not included with the dinners). We usually leave a 20% tip so we figured out the price of the dinner and left 20% of that amount. On CJ's website there is an optional 4 meal plan which includes a 15% tip. If that's the plan you have, then the tip would be included. I would check with Cap to be sure. In most restaurants on the islands a 15% tip is included and you have the option of an addtional tip. Enjoy!
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a 15% service charge is not a tip to the servers exclusively. It is divided by all the personnel including at some places the managment to cover some of the expenses for breakage and other things. Some choose when there is exceptional service to leave additional for the service, daily housekeeping, etc which they can then keep. Tipping seems to be a big issue with Americans as Europeans have no problem with the service charge and leaving it at that.
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The reason "Europeans have no problem with the service charge and leaving it at that" is that by and large Europeans are thrifty, thrifty, thrifty. (I'm being kind or I would call them cheap)
Restaurant and resort workers make very little money. Tips help them to survive.
You won't offend anyone by not leaving a tip but you should know that the 15% service charge is not a tip. As FYI pointed out that 15% is distributed to all staff and also covers other expenses for the restaurant. If you get good service, then a tip is called for.
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Thank you, we are generally over-tippers but the restaurants we frequent do not include a service charge. I do not have a problem with leaving more of a tip,I'm glad to know that the service charge is not enough and we will compensate for that.
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It is not that Europeans are thrifty or even cheap, what is the case is that in Europe people that work in the service industry (waiters, etc.) are paid a real hourly living wage, and not the measly $2.15/hour (or less) that people in the US are paid for similar jobs. Many visiting Europeans are not aware that waiters, etc. in the US are paid these ridiculous wages.

Question: would you prefer to tip or prefer not to tip and that the prices that you pay for meals reflect the more appropriate hourly wage of a waiter, etc.?
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