Summer flights to Cuba??


Mar 23rd, 1999, 08:27 PM
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Summer flights to Cuba??

Our family has been having trouble finding a flight to Cuba in the summer (there are lots of winter charter flights!!). Is there such a thing?? We live near Winnipeg, Manitoba. Thanks for your time. Craig
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Mar 24th, 1999, 10:51 AM
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I don't know if there are any charter flights to Cuba in the summer. The reason there might not be is because that is Cuba's rainy season and I understand the heat and humidity then is awful.


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Mar 26th, 1999, 01:34 PM
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I am from Montreal and my boyfriend and I are planning to go to Cuba (Varadero)this summer for the third time. Flight are available here and the weather is not as bad as Kathy answered. We never had rain during the time we were there.
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Mar 29th, 1999, 05:42 PM
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At the current time there are no summer flights scheduled from Winnipeg.
Depending on where you want to go, you will have to route yourself via
Toronto or some other gateway city. Check out which is
probably the most comprehensive site on the web with flight schedules to
Cuba. The tour operators are currently starting to announce their summer
schedules and these are being loaded in on a daily basis as they are
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Apr 24th, 1999, 12:15 AM
CUba in the summer is lovely. good choice :)
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Hi Craig, i hope and wish yuo and yor family a good time. Cuba is lovely in the summer. It might rain maybe once or twice, but nothing significant, or that would last for more than a few minutes. I love the summer, as it is hotter, and the beach tends to be nicer in terms of it being better for swimming. I mean they are all magnificent all year round, but in the summer they are just nicer. expect very hot weather, i guess you will probably welcome a little rain here and there, as i find it refreshing. I swear if there is a season to visit Cuba, then thats the summer. i love it,Thats just my personal opinion.

Because you are from Winnipeg,i doubt that there is any DIRECT flight from your city to cuba in the summer(but check anyways). However, NOT TO WORRY, what most people do is the flight to Cuba via toronto or montreal. In your case, it will probably be toronto, since it is closer to you. There is absolutely flights that go to cuba from toronto. I have encountered during my many trips to the island, many travellers from the west , who stop by in toronto, to get their to cuba.

Since you mentioned about your family travelling, i assumed it will be a family holiday. I reccomend Varadero, and in Varadero, i reccomend Sol Club Las Sirenas. This is a great 4 star resort with great facilities, services and accomodations, wonderful entertainment, and very friendly, fun loving atmosphere> it has activities to suit all ages and interests, a childrens mini clubs, some watersports for all, plenty of activities to do, very cool atmosphere if there is young travellers in your group, like teens, and great for couples and singles too> In other words, great for all. The beach is lovely as well. Prety swimming pool.
If you like culture and history, you can then take many excursions which are reserved at and pay for at the hotel. You can visit from historical colonial cities such as havana, and trinidad, to a crocodrile farm in the Bay of Pigs, to Tobaco fields and cigar factories, to Catamans boats, to an uninhabited island known as cayo largo. In other words , sky is almost the limit. The food is good too, with the main buffet, italian restaurant, and lovely grill. the staff is excellent. Hav
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Apr 24th, 1999, 06:27 PM
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Hola Craig:

There are definitely flights from Toronto and Montreal to Cuba this summer.

My husband & I heartily recommend Cayo Coco or Cayo Guillermo - 2 "more-recently-developed" cays off the northern coast of (Central) Cuba, and accessed this summer by Air Transat.

We fell in love with this environmentally protected region when it first opened to tourists in May 1993 - and have returned a dozen times since.

We have voluntarily hosted an extremely busy & enthusiastic forum on this destination for one year, so please e-mail us for the "address" - read what a thousand people have to say - and decide for yourself! (We hope to be there ourselves, to see the opening of the new 5* Sol Melia, scheduled for July '99.) Looking forward to hearing from you...Doreen
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