St. Lucia

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This whole conversation is ridiculous...hasn't anyone heard of "common sense" something that should be used every day and every where you go.....i mean if you listen to all the stories in people would never leave their own homes....i know several honeymoon couples who went to st. lucia and absolutely loved it....go and enjoy and just use your head....before they behead it....only kidding!
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Just be common sence is all you need.I have a very big wedding ring and I wore
it the whole time I was there, and never had a problem.
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I had agreat time in St. Lucia. We stayed at the Sandal St. Lucia. On the first night I had the misfortune of cutting my hand and had to go to the local hospital for suturing. The hotel people were friendly, the hospital was staffed with an American trained physician and we were the talk of the hospital. The natives were quite friendly and it was at night. While waiting for the doctor a dead man(native of St. Lucia) came in to be
declared dead by the physician. He had been involved with a bad drug deal. The dead man was a curiosity, but all of the natives reminded me that drugs were indeed illegal even in St. Lucia and to stay away from undesirables. They were especially helpful in recommending places to see and were curious about the United States and what brought me to St. Lucia. I never flaunt my wealth anywhere that I go, am careful to who I talk to and where I go at night. Even on that night I felt extremely safe. I probably would not take a $ 20,000.00 or more watch on any trip as I prefer to not bring attention to myself or my wife. Also find another couple or people to go with if you are going out at night as there is usually safety in numbers and get references on places to go before you go or through the hotel. Enjoy your trip.
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tee hee!
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Roxanne Fox
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I love St Lucia, have been there twice and have never felt safer anywhere in the world. I attended a service at the Catholic Church in Castries where the New Yrs attack had taken place. The locals were very embarassed about that random act of violence. We walk around Castries, go to the Royal Bank of Canada to get funds while we are there and feel completely safe. St Lucians are very, very good people. I was born and grew up in Washington DC and I have more sadness over crime in my hometown than any St Lucian will ever have to feel. You all take with you what you enjoy wearing and just use caution as one other said about anything left in a hotel.

Enjoy the beauty and the serenity of the island and its people. Trust me you will come home with a wonderful experience behind you.


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